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My love....

Sometime ago I found out that shoes love me. Actually, shoes love everybody. When I go clothes shopping there are odd sizes that change from store to store, or things cut on the bias, or cut for people with no hips, no breasts, big hips, no ass... Really the list of issues women has with clothes is endless. But shoes. Oh, my lovely shoes! They never make you look fat, or change sizes from store to store. They never look better on someone skinnier or with a different skin tone. No, shoes love us, and I have decided that my love for shoes runs far and wide. With one catch. They must be heels. Part of the reason is because I'm not really tall. 5'4" without shoes, there are few smaller than I am. Then there's what heels do for you. They elongate your legs, boost the butt, make you stand just a little taller, a little prouder, and can make you feel powerful, sexy, fun, anything really. So my love of shoes and heels began. High school and on to college. The col