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Tips for New Years Shoes

Today I read that what you do on New Years is indicative of how you will spend the rest of the year. For most of the people I know that means they'll spend the whole year drunk, or spend it at home. Or both. Totally predictable but you can't go wrong Regardless of whether you're  going to a house party or a night out on the town, New Years gives way to outfits that people plan for all year and the perfect shoes are really important. Not ending up looking like an ass in your perfect shoes is even more important. Glitter sparkles and rhinestones are always the perfect thing to ring in the New Year. They're also perfectly obvious. Another suggestion I got via Twitter was that as long as you're wearing your highest heels, nothing else matters. I'm not even sure what my highest heels are. I guess I could measure all my heels and figure it out, but then I'd have to plan outfits around the heels, and transportation. Depending on what you're doing in

Charlotte Olympia does Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner (like a matter of hours now) and as we all start to get ready for the various holiday parties we have to go to, whether good or bad, there is inevitably a lot of stressing out about what to wear. Christmas stuff I would love to wear!  My immediate family sits in the living room and gorges themselves on food for hour after hour, and we still dress up. As if my mom, dad and sisters haven't seen me at my worst, yet on Christmas we all dress up. I'm not much of one for holiday clothes either. The day you see me in a reindeer sweater is the day Hell has frozen over or I lost a very large bet. Shoes, on the other hand can be a different story, especially when they're like the ones done by the always brilliant Charlotte Olympia . An entire line of Christmas shoes and accessories, includes heels, flats and handbags, and they're all to die for. The Holly flat The Jingle Bell Dolly is my personal favorite in red velvet with

Shoes for the Apocalypse

Today I had a rare day off, and I found it somewhat fitting that today (the 21st) is also the end of the world. At least according to some people who decided that they know what the ancient Mayans were thinking. So as I got ready to leave the house, I wasn't sure what kind of shoes I should wear for the end of the world. I mean, if they had explained how it would end that would be helpful, but they didn't so what;s a girl to do? Ready for the zombie apocalypse.  I mean is this going to be a Walking Dead zombie style end of the world? Are we talking Mad Max where I have to wear leather and chain mail and fight? Or will everything just explode and that will be the end of it. All of these scenarios involve very different footwear needs. I asked my Facebook and Twitter peeps what they thought would be appropriate footwear for the end of the world, and the responses were amazing (and varied). My mom's suggestion was that I wear something I could run in. But th

Self Control and Christmas Shopping

The holidays are the best and worst time to go shopping. This is why I shop online - too many people.  Sales are in abundance, new product has been released just for the holiday season, and you get the chance to see it all with the perfect excuse to roam the mall endlessly.  It's also the time of year you're supposed to shop for everyone except yourself.  Suck.  Sure, you can play the one-for-you one-for-me game, but suddenly you're eating Ramen for 2 weeks and negotiating with the electric company to keep your lights on. Or you can have a little self control and only buy yourself one thing per shopping trip. This isn't really that bad a plan, until you realize you're buying a scented candle for your favorite aunt because you had to buy that amazing coat on sale at Banana. If this dress is still available, I'm getting it. And I'll wear better shoes and jewlery. I really can't say I'm that much better. I have forced myself to

Wearing Barbie's Shoes

People send me shoe things all the time. Pictures, links, art, and most recently, jewelry. I am obsessed with this necklace Yep shoe jewelry. And the best part  - the jewelry is made of Barbie shoes. And I love Barbie. The artist's name is Sara Gallo , and she makes necklaces, earrings and bracelets from doll shoes. And it's amazing. Sara Gallo doesn't just string a couple pairs of plastic shoes onto a piece of jewelry wire, she turns them into wearable art. She twists and turns the shoes into intricate designs, adding jeweled and beaded accents and creating really unique jewelry. With these shoes aren't just for your feet.  Necklaces contain up to 500 tiny little doll shoes, and they come in a full rainbow of colors, and all different style of heels. Pointed toes, open toe sandals, heels with little bows on them, strappy sandals. It's like being able to wear Barbie's shoe closet. Of course the other jewelry by Sara Gallo is fantastic and ar

Jimmy Choo Victims to Vandals and Thieves

A couple days ago my brother-in-law texted me and asked where I was at 2:00 that morning. I replied that I had just gotten into bed around then because my flight got in late, and why was he asking. Broken glass and a lone flat at Jimmy Choo after the break-in. Because the Jimmy Choo store on Oak Street in Chicago's high-end Gold Coast neighborhood was robbed and $20,000 in merchandise was stolen . He joked that I was his first suspect. I would love a pair of Jimmy Choo's but I'll save my money and buy them honestly. In reality it was three men. Two to bust open the door and one to drive the getaway car. I haven't read any news reports that noted exactly what was stolen, but since shoes start at around $300 and can go over $3,000, they got a good amount of stuff. Handbags also range into the thousands of dollars. So today my condolences go out to the Jimmy Choo store in Chicago. At least no one was hurt, and I'm sure the store has insurance that w

Shopping in San Fran - Part 2

I just got back from a business trip to San Francisco that culminated in a shopping spree of epic proportions. I wrote about the beginning in Shopping in San Fran - Part 1 . Now the story continues.... As Esther and I headed out we both had that adrenaline rush that can only come from knowing you're going to find something amazing. That rush when you're determined to find something amazing. We burst into  Ross and headed straight for the shoes. Within in a matter of minutes Esther's arms were full of heels and we had to hunt down a basket. Every aisle we went into held a new and more wonderful heeled surprise. Vince Camuto , Jessica Simpson , Chinese Laundry , Sam Edelman , Dollhouse , Carlos , Dolce Vita , and the list goes on. When we were done looking in her size we looked in mine, and back to hers, and back to mine, and then into handbags and dresses. A basket full of heels "How many pairs of shoes do you think we have in here?" Esther asked as th

Shopping in San Fran - Part 1

Sometimes when I'm out shopping I see something that triggers a memory of a conversation I had with someone or makes me think of a friend or family member. Sometimes that feeling is so great I'll snap a photo and send it to them. This week I escaped the confines of the hotel in San Francisco long enough to wander out into Union Square and find Ross , a discount superstore akin to TJ Maxx and Marshalls  (which I love). As I wandered through the shoe section (because where else would I start) I saw a pair of black glitter with black spikes, Steve Madden Andiie heels, that made me think of my friend Esther (who was at the conference with me) and a conversation we had over sushi that day at lunch. It can be summed up by this: We both love spikes on shoes. The rack of perfect shoes. Since I have an insane number of shoes (with and without spikes), I sent Esther a photo of the shoes, letting her know that she obviously needed them, and what size should I pick up. She repl