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Quarantine Diaries- day 23

It feels like day 300 of the stay-at-home order, but in reality it's only been about a month. 23 days since everything closed according to the numbers on the doors of my kids school. 23 days of working from home, long days, home schooling twin kindergartners and being with the husband 24/7. The dog is confused and has been on more walks in the last week than in the last couple months. My vow to workout while working from home was a giant joke and workouts have been replaced with 16 hour work days, time with the kids and Netflix. I vowed to bake and instead have made one loaf of blueberry bread. From a box. One kid hated it. My sleep schedule is fucked, I go days without showering, only put on makeup for a conference call once a week, and I don't have enough casual clothes to comfortably have a quarantine wardrobe without wearing the same shirt multiple days in a week. Still I consider myself lucky. I'm still working and the girls do their school work, generally