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Acting on Impulse

Every so often I impulse buy a pair of shoes. Or like once a month. Or every other week. I will not admit to impulse buying any more than that. Except for the last few weeks. Something has really been wrong the last couple weeks and I’ve been a little more impulsive than normal. So much so that I ended up with a backlog of unworn shoes. I don’t manage to wear all my shoes equally anyway. There are some that never see the light of day, and others that are in a heavy rotation. I’ve been working on this and trying to mix up shoes with different outfits and such, but that’s not always the most successful thing. This recently backlog of unworn shoes though has gotten really bad. So bad that I was making up outfits to go with them simply so I can wear them. I’m not sure when I will simply think I don’t need another new pair of shoes. First up in the new shoes to wear are my aqua Nine West Boutique Nine heels that I picked up on sale during a business trip to Washington D.C. They w

Peep Toe Boots- So good and so bad

Good boots gone bad because of short toes I love peep toes. They're such an amazing cut that looks good with just about anything, and brings to mind visions of old Hollywood glamor. Recently though I think this whole peep toe trend has gone a bit too far. First it was peep toe flats, which was not something I am a fan of. Now it's moved onto boots, which is sometimes good and sometimes a total disaster. I own a couple pairs of peep toe boots, and have been wearing them for years, but just like anything else, as it starts to get more popular it starts to go to hell. What should be a peep toe suddenly just turns into cutting the front off the boot so it looks like some kind of hideous, bastard sandal. Now you're walking around with leather wrapping your heel and ankle, and all your toes hanging out, making it look as if you had some kind of lawnmower accident with your boots.  My eyes! Dear god this is awful. The other option is just a teeny, tiny cutou

Ballerinas and Birthday Shoes

Today was my birthday and with it came an overwhelming flood of well wishes and the hopes that I get all the shoes of my dreams. Was this the start of it all? This morning I was talking to my father and he was comparing my dreams of when I was three years old to the dreams of my three-year-old niece, who had just sent me the most amazing happy birthday song via text message. Apparently when I was three I was going to grow up to be a ballerina. My father said that was probably the start of my obsession with shoes. I started dancing when I was three, and thought my ballet slippers and tap shoes were the most magical things ever. This continued throughout my childhood, and well into high school until knee injuries and the reality that I was not good enough to be pro derailed my childhood hopes and I switched to a career path that was a little more realistic. Not my birthday shoes, but they're new! Perhaps that's also when my obsession with shoes and my collection o

Cap Toe is a Fall Must-Have

A few months ago I blogged about cap toe shoes , saying they're going to be the hot new thing, and they're amazing and here's why. Then I didn't hear anything about them for a while, and I thought maybe I was the only one in love with them. Then last week I was on Twitter , taking part in the #stylechat with Style Caster , and the topic of conversation turned to shoes, and the cap toe trend, which has suddenly made its way from the designer's stores and into the mainstream, and now everyone wants them. I had quite a few questions about them, including where to find them (which is now almost anywhere). As promised to the fabulous people on #stylechat , following are a few cap toe heels that are fabulous, available, and at varying price points, so there's no excuse to go into Fall without them. ShoeDazzle At $39.95, ShoeDazzle probably has the best deal on a metallic cap toe. The "Ann" heel, which was released just a few days ago, comes in a

Adding a Little Orange

Earlier this summer I decided I needed a pair of orange heels. Why? Cause I didn’t have any. Duh. Seriously, they actually match a lot.  So I did a little online browsing and found a nice, cheap pair of orange canvas peep toe heels from ShoeDazzle . Moderate platform, moderate heel. And no I have no idea what moderate means other than I can walk in them. When they showed up I was a little perplexed because I realized that in my frenzy to buy orange heels I had nothing to go with them. I don’t wear orange. Hell, I barely even wear color. But a little digging around in my closet and a trip to Banana Republic where I found this fabulous orange silk Trina Turk tank, and I'm suddenly wearing these damn orange heels all the time. They go great with my navy cigarette pants. And when in doubt just toss on a plain shirt and let the heels be your pop of color. If you actually have color in your wardrobe, add some orange accessories to tie the whole thing together. I’ve al

Fall Studs

Just a sampling of my collection of weapons/heels. Late summer brings all the fall fashions. Suddenly they start hitting the stores and it becomes obvious that a few styles will become prevalent and take over for the next few seasons. This fall that trend is apparently studs.  I have always been a fan of studs and spikes on everything from shoes to shirts and jackets, and this fall they're easy to find because they're on everything. Shoes, purses, men's and women's clothing, and in styles from small studs that create intricate designs to full on spikes that make statements.  I'm seriously obsessed with these boots, available at Lori's Shoes Once upon a time I had to add them to my own clothing and search far and wide to find things that would make my mom ask, "Where did you find that?" Now it's suddenly everywhere, and considered chic. So how did these pieces of metal fabulousness go from something for rockers and bikers to bei