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Jane Pratt Should Let Me Write for Her

If you've ever paid any passing attention to magazines and publishing then you know the name Jane Pratt. She is the founding editor of Sassy , then Jane , and now . When I was younger and reading Sassy (because I am that old), I wanted to write for them. By the time Sassy had gone, Jane was hanging around, and I was more into Cosmopolitan, Vogue  and finding a job than moving to New York to work for Jane Pratt. I missed this issue... I graduated college with my degree in communications with a concentration in print journalism, My younger sister, who was a devout fan of Jane, now follows . Now totally online, has more articles than the magazine, a bunch of writers, and a strong Twitter presence. My sister also loves sending me articles from there, and this week managed to send two of the dumbest damn columns about shoes I may have ever read. Considering the drivel I sometimes turn out on shoes, that's saying something. First, w

Kate Spade Goes Gilt

I have spent most of my life being rather adverse to preppy things. Never one to rock sweater sets and pearls (unless it was in an ironic way), my fashion has always been a little off center.  Because of that there have always been certain designers that I have shied away from. I'm oddly obsessed with this bag.  Recently though I find myself revisiting some of those who I had shrugged off , maybe it’s age, maybe it’s the designers that are getting less preppy, or maybe we’re meeting somewhere in the middle. Kate Spade , always preppy in my view, has recently been releasing some really interesting looks, both in handbags, as well as clothing and jewelry, which is why I’m excited about the Kate Spade New York event on Gilt , which starts tomorrow ( May 22 ). Every four weeks Gilt members ( and we’re all members , right?) will get first access to the new Kate Spade New York collection before it’s available anywhere else. Even better, a bunch of stuff will be disco

Paint and Why I Can't Buy New Shoes

This is the same price as a really nice pair of shoes. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you know I’ve been busy. So busy in fact that I haven’t written a blog post in over a week.  Lucky for my traffic, people are obsessed with Whoopi Goldberg’s shoes, and that post is still constantly being found via Google. Apparently last week was quite a week for Whoopi because people kept visiting me even though I haven't written shit.  So where the fuck have I been that I feel like I can traipse in and out of all your lives, tromping on your heel-loving hearts with my stilettos? Yeah, I guess I owe everyone an explanation, because this is going to get worse before it gets better, and I don’t want all you lovely people forgetting about me. There’s work. I’ve been there a lot. And traveling. New York twice, D.C. next, I got sick two or three times, and I had some family stuff pop up. But most of my weekends have been spent working on my new house. Apparently the hubb

Swarovski lends Sparkle to THE WALK

Blair Disbrow On May 3 the runway in Chicago sparkled just a little more than normal when the School of the Art  Institute of Chicago (SAIC) juniors, including Blair Disbrow, Jordan Kiehle and Crystale Crubaugh, presented their Swarovski embellished collections at THE WALK.  THE WALK is the SAIC yearly fashion benefit gala, and this year featured over 250 fashions from undergraduate students, and fashions from the school's graduate students.  Swarovski provided the jewelry and crystals for the show as part of the company's sponsorship of the event, which also included the window display at the Michigan Ave. store that I attended a few weeks prior.  Crystale Crubaugh “Swarovski is synonymous with fashion and our sponsorship of THE WALK allows us to work with the runways stars of tomorrow,” said Wayne Page, senior vice president of Swarovski North America. “SAIC produces some of the most talented emerging fashion designers, and it was remarkable to see how the

Met Gala Goes Punk - Kinda

Last night was the annual Met Gala, and all the celebs got all dressed up and showed their best "punk." Or at least that's what they were supposed to do anyway, because that was the theme of this year's gala. She wins in so many ways. It wasn't expected that the stars would actually be punk (because that would be too cool), but instead some kind of costumed, couture, combining the best parts of punk with the amazingness that only money can get you.  The fact that only rich, famous people attend the Met Gala should really help with this.  Unfortunately, rich and famous people apparently have no sense of adventure, costuming or what's punk, and the event was overwhelmingly safe, with lots of gowns and nonsense. A sheer panel or a spiked belt does not make an outfit punk.  The hands down winner of the evening was Sarah Jessica Parker. She Casadei heels and perfect punk in two different ways. wore a Giles Deacon dress, Philip Tracey mohawk

DSW Saves Prom

I don't always shop for myself. Sometimes I shop for other people, and a couple of weeks ago I placed an order with DSW for a pair of heels for prom. Obviously not my prom. Seychelles off-white Just Because pump, which is satin with a big white flower on the top. The perfect shoes to go with a full-length Calvin Klein dress with white/gold beaded straps. A great combination with large, rhinestone encrusted earrings and large mother of pearl cocktail ring. The whole thing was topped off with upswept hair and a matching flower (with rhinestone center, of course). I can accessorize the hell out of things. The shoes that were sent to save prom.  It took a couple of days to get the tracking information for the shoes, but I wasn't too worried. Prom was Friday, they showed they would be delivered Thursday. All was good with the world. The next day I checked the tracking information, and it was showing as Friday. Now we're cutting it close. The next day they sh