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We Can't All Wear Heels All the Time

Some people (myself included) sit on their ass all day in an office in front of a computer. Our shoes are irrelevant with the exception of those times we're running around the office, and 90% of that is either 50 feet to the copier or an elevator is used. Then there are those who actually stand all day and have to care about their feet. The teachers, hairdressers, chefs and servers of the world who spend their days on their feet, and have to give a crap Clarks wedges aren't awful about whether or not their toes are pinched and if they can stand all day in their shoes. For these people towering heels are not an option. I have many friends and family who fall into the category of people who can't wear heels to work because it's simply impractical. Unfortunately, there are even larger problems that can come from standing all day than just not being able to wear heels or "cute shoes." Bunions and planter fasciitis are probably the two most common ail

Head Wounds and Heels

Strange things happen to me on a semi-regular basis, but it’s usually not bizarre enough for me to even notice until someone else points out the weirdness. This weekend was so damn strange though that even I took pause at one point. It was the point that involved my shoes. It was Darling Husband’s birthday on Saturday, and after getting together with the family earlier in the day, we met some friends and went out for some drinks at night. We chose the bar we almost always go to (and where we met), are friends with the bartender, and can relax. It’s kind of like our punk/metal version of Cheers. Of course the universe had other plans. As the evening was hitting its stride, drinks were flowing, people were loosening up, dancing, talking and having a good time, I was suddenly pulled outside because one of my friend’s had fallen and hit his head, and he was bleeding. That’s never what you want to hear while you’re half in the bag. I joined the group of people examining the g

Finding the Shoe that Pops

Sometimes I get requests to find the perfect shoe, and I love searching until the ultimate heel is found. After posting my chartreuse peep toe heels today I got a question on where to find some good yellow heels. Shades and styles were discussed and it was eventually narrowed down to "neon." Truth or Dare Not exactly the most difficult challenge, but wow can this be fun. So here's some options in a variety of price ranges, and if you have additional suggestions, feel free to post them. You can also post photos of your own favorite shoe finds, because we all love shoes here. Nasty Gal Madonna offers up a great pair of neon yellow peep toes in her Truth or Dare line. Unembellished and classic these can add a pop of color to any outfit. If you're looking for something totally different in your neon, a pair of Nasty Gal  heel-less wedges with matching neon spikes can fill that void. Tying multiple trends into one shoe is also possible with the Qupid Pot

Sparkles, Dinner and Fashion

There’s very little in this world more fabulous than things that sparkle. Such a simple little thing, but it can bring a smile in a second just with a little twinkle. That being said, you can imagine my excitement at being invited to an in-store event at Swarovski to unveil their new window, designed by the graduate students of the School of Just a piece of the window the Art Institute Chicago (SAIC) in celebration of Fashion 2013 and THE WALK 2013, the SAIC’s annual runway show and benefit gala to support the Fashion Design students.  For the third year in a row Swarovski is a sponsor of the event, and they donate jewelry and crystals for students to include in their designs for the runway. The window is the collaborative work of 13 students, including Yufan Gao, Xue Jiang, Youngeun Kwun, Joseph Leamanczyk, Jieru Li, Hao Liu, Sisi Liu, Melvin Marckwardt, Fei Nie, Carmine Ro, Fu Hsueh Tsao, Lindsey Whittle and Man Yuan, from the Master of Design: Fashion, Body and

Shopping for Charity

Shopping is awesome, but shopping for a cause. That’s just an all around win. Love this necklace, and can you spy the matching bracelet? Cela Creations , a chic boutique in the suburbs of Chicago, hosted an evening of shopping and Ronald McDonald House . Never one to shy away from a great cause, coupled with a chance to see friends (I know the owner/designer) and have a glass of wine and shop, I promised to make the trek out to the suburban boutique. After battling traffic and getting stuck by a train, I traipsed in, later than advertised, and found the place mobbed. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that her jewelry is fabulous. After making my way through the throngs of people, and getting a glass of wine, I took up valuable real estate in front of the tops and caught up with friends while browsing. Weddings, kids, houses…we’re apparently all grown up now. After helping one girlfriend pick out a pair of earrings that will go amazingly with the weddi

Flowers are Popping Up for Spring

Spring brings another round of trends, and with warmer weather on the horizon (keep your fingers crossed Chicago), we're actually going to put away the dark colors, start to show a little skin, and bring some happy, brightness into daily outfits. These Brian Atwood heels bring floral to a new level If you're anything like me though, you really don't own a lot of color, and if you do it's dark. I have dark hair and pale skin with pink undertones, so neon makes me look extra pale, pastels are touch and go, and yellow makes me look like I have jaundice. Really the only "happy color" I can wear is blue because it matches my eyes. Luckily, shoes come to the rescue, and you can add a touch of spring and summer, as well as a dash of color with florals. Big last year, they'er even bigger this year. Sometimes literally as 3-D flowers have been popping up on the front, back sides, and sometimes even the heels of shoes. If you're not quite ready

Easter Baskets of Shoes and Booze

I pride myself on being logical, but when it comes to things of the domestic sort I kind of fall apart and become a giant failure. I’m the kind of person who forgets to buy candles for kid’s birthday cakes and doesn’t send cards to my niece and nephew every holiday, even though I swear I’m going to. Then there was what happened during the worst Easter Basket shopping trip ever. The husband and I ran out last week to Target to buy things for Easter baskets. That was it. Some clothes, a couple bags of candy and we were going to call it a successful trip to Target. This dress is great on an hourglass figure. Of course, anyone who has ever even walked past a Target in their life knows that there’s actually no possible way of going in and coming out, and getting only what you went in for. So we went in, and bought stuff for baskets…and since we were in the girl’s section, I figured it made sense to swing over to the clearance section, where Prabal Gurung for Target ha