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Balancing on Islands

People always ask how I can walk in the heels I wear, and that was never more prevalent than when I wore my new Fergie Footwear  island platform pump. Island platforms have been popping up intermittently over the past few seasons, and I have to say I was weary. Having a platform smaller than the shoe on a five inch heels seemed like a disaster waiting to happen. At least for me. But then I'm a little bit of a disaster. I finally bit the bullet and got Olivia, a pair of black snakeskin pumps with a gold platform from Fergie Footwear . They were beautiful and would match that gold and black skirt I have and never wear. They may match other things too, but the skirt is really what I wanted them to go with. Once they arrived I took them on a stroll through the apartment, and managed not to break my neck. Good news. One day at the office, and the same thing. All good. These are my new black pumps A week later I wore them again (and not with the gold skirt) and the unexpect

A Girl's First Heels

This weekend I got to do something I always dreamed of. Teach my niece how to walk in heels. It happened a little sooner than I thought it would. I figured I had years before this. It would be for her first dance or a special event. Instead it was this weekend. She's two and a half years old. We had a family party this weekend and my niece got a few belated Christmas gifts from some of her many admirers (family we don't see a lot). This included a bunch of stuff to do hair (she loves playing beauty shop) and a fairy princess set, complete with crown, wand, earrings and bracelets, and her very first pair of high heels. She was ecstatic. Of course she had to open it at once, get pieces all over the place, put on all the bracelets she could find, and shed her little red Mary Janes for a more sophisticated pair of pink plastic high heels, adorned with sparkly flowers on the toe. Baby Girl's first heels. She always loves my shoes, so she shuffled over to show me, and

Man Up and Buy Some Shoes

Outside basic brown. When it comes to fashion men usually get the short end of the stick.  Never more so then when it comes to shoes. Sure, they had some good fashion sporadically between the 1800s and now, but when it comes to shoes it was always a little dull (unless you were Louis XIV). Brown and black. Boots or shoes. Loafer or oxford. Those choices suck. For some reason American men seem especially wedded to the idea and concept of totally uninspired shoes. And once the gym shoe was accepted as OK for everyday wear (regardless of wether or not you actually go to the gym), it was over, and suddenly it's pulling teeth to find men who have shoes that are made by someone other than Nike . This is really a shame because I think you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, and gym shoes say nothing interesting. When I was single I refused to date guys who wore gym shoes to bars.  If you're someplace other than the gym and wearing a pair of New Balance , I'm

Surviving Valentine's Day

I am not a sentimental person. I don't celebrate my birthday, Sweetest Day is something I actually forget about until the day after, and Valentine's Day is just another day. I know you're going to say that it's because I'm married that I can write off Valentine's Day, but that's really not the case. I didn't care about Valentine's Day before I was married, when I was dating or when I was single. In fact, I struggle to think of any time that I ever got flowers or in some other way celebrated February 14. Sure, it probably happened, but I don't remember it. It doesn't have to be a holiday.... But I realize to some people it's a big deal. It's a day to declare your love of another human, and gorge yourself on small candies and buy overpriced, roses that are 90% stem. Or you openly declare your disdain for everyone who has love and isn't you.  And if you really, really hate Valentine's Day, you can join the legions of wo

Preggos, kids and heels

Being pregnant has got to be awkward. I've never been pregnant, but by the time month 7 or 8 rolls around, most girls look uncomfortable. Their belly is somewhere between beach ball and basketball, the waddle is setting in, and they're generally just uncomfortable and kind of bitchy.  Plus everyone keeps rubbing their belly like they're some kind of Buddha and their belly is public domain. Being knocked up doesn't mean you can't wear heels.  Of course this is also the time when friends and family throw a shower, forcing these poor women to dress up and be nice for hours at a time and dress up. Today I attended a baby shower for a friend and she looked fabulous (which she always does) and smiled and was nice, despite the fact that she was probably exhausted, and she did the whole thing in a really sharp pair of nude to black ombre heels.  At the end of the day we took a photo together, and she commented on how tall my shoes were (because we were eye to

The Three Inch Rule

I have a new rule. All shoes with heels over three inches must have a platform.  Why? Because I have walking around like a freaking ballerina on my toes. You know how slow you walk when you're in a pair of five inch heels, no platform, uneven sidewalks, and are really only 5'4"?  Really blasted slow.  They look so great. Too bad they suck. Such is the problem with my new red Colin Stuart boots. The ones I love. I was so excited to get them. Red suede scrunch boots. They were going to go with everything. Become a wardrobe staple over jeans and sweaters. Pull them on and go on adventures throughout the city. Maybe even travel to new cities together. I had such plans for these boots! Then they showed up with their five inch heel and no platform and force me to stand in releve and walk en pointe. Suddenly my red boot adventures went straight to hell (which is where some people think you go if you wear red boots anyway).  Now I can't traipse around t

Fluevog, Art, Wine and Whines

I love art, and when I saw there was a FluevogCreative Art Exhibit at the John Fluevog store near me, I knew I had to go. I love art, Fluevogs, and wine, all of which were going to be there. Fluevog art and shoes. Everyone knows booze makes shopping better. The store was unveiling their new ad campaign, which was predictably great. The exhibit featured four finalists from FluevogCreative's first eight briefs, showcasing a total of 30 artists. And of course shoes from their new spring line had started to arrive, which gave me new things to drool over as well. My sister fell in love with a pair of over the knee boots with a chain detail around the ankle and heel of the boot that were on crazy sale. I fell in love with a pair of red, black and gray heeled loafer style shoes that were calling out to be a part of my wardrobe. The shoes I want in the wrong color. Unfortunately for me, they were only available in my size in tan, gray and black. Rebecca, the fabulous Flue