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Eyebrow Polish

Every morning as I get ready for work the twins come wandering into my bathroom, rubbing the sleep from their eyes and telling me about their crazy dreams. I finish my hair and start doing my makeup and they crowd around me, grabbing at makeup brushes and asking what everything is as I apply each piece. About a month earlier at Ulta trying not to touch everything.  D: "What's that for?" Me: "It's foundation so Mommy's skin isn't blotchy." D: "Oh. You put it on with a cat egg?" Me: "It's a beauty blender, sweetie. Cats don't lay eggs." S: "What's that for?" Me: "It's an eyebrow pencil so Mommy has eyebrows again because she waxed them into oblivion in the '90s." S: "Oh. Oblivion? Do I have eyebrows?" Me: "Yes bay, they're right here above your eyes, and they're beautiful so don't ever mess with them even if thin brows come back into style." And