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Heels Meet Lipstick

Suede lips and suede heels The one thing that I have almost as many of as shoes is lipstick. I have all kinds of colors and shades, most of them with matching liners, and then there's a rather significant number of glosses as well. Obsession with shoes and lipstick must go together. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.  Sophia Webster has teamed up with Revlon and created a line of lipstick-inspired heels.  How awesome is this?  The collection goes with Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede lipstick, and is all reds and pinks with slick and suede textures. Some of the heels even have lip marks all over them.  My personal favorite shade Pretty sure I need all of these. Then I can buy the matching lipstick and look like the most put together person ever. Which will be a great because usually I'm halfway between put together and hot mess.  How can you go wrong? Matching shoes and lipstick. This is brilliant. I hope every designer starts doin

Heels and Sports (and some flats)

If you were in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs last night (or anywhere in Boston) you know that the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. For the record, my dog was not very happy with the neighbor’s celebration when they won. Luckily, Knicks fans need these.  everyone else was and the city, suburbs and my Facebook feed became full of people talking about their love of hockey, the Blackhawks, and saying mean things about Boston. Never much of a sports fan, I actually enjoy watching hockey, but with a whole house to put together, I was hanging shelves and not watching the game. Still, I have to be happy when one of my home-town Chicago teams wins, and I posted a pair of Blackhawk heels to show my support. Facebook loves sports, and shoes, and my messages were blowing up with people wondering where I found them. Cowboys can wear flats Etsy my friends. You can find just about anything there, and if you can’t find it chances are you can find someone to make it fo

Ladies Night Out (in fab shoes)

This weekend (yeah, I'm falling behind) was a girlfriend's bachelorette party, and I headed back downtown after work for drinks, dinner (with drinks) and some drinks, and I was stunned by the great shoes everyone had on. The heels of the night.  Of course mine were fabulous. I finally got a chance to wear those black Colin Stuart heels with the fringe on the heels, but there were enough amazing shoes to cause some serious shoe-envy. There were the classic Gucci sandal, a fab pair of studded heels (which, I consulted on for the bride-to-be) the classic black pump, and a sandal with an ankle strap. Pretty sure we represented every major trend all in one evening. Dinner was at Hub 51 , and we all sipped cocktails and wine, and caught a glimpse of Scottie Pippen and his wife, who was wearing what looked like a pair of classic Stewart Weitzman pumps. The evening ended early for me because I had to get up early for a graduation the next morning, but it was great to h

SJP Takes the Step into Shoes

I would like to be a celebrity because they get to do whatever they want. I don't mean that in an Amanda Bynes, bad wigs and bong tossing kind of way (though that If this is what we can expect, I'm sold. doesn't seem to be working out well for her), or even the more philanthropic Angelina Jolie saving babies kind of way (because seriously, what would I do with that many kids?). I mean it in the "why can't I team up with an established company and be a designer?" kind of way. Sarah Jessica Parker is the most recent celebrity to announce she is launching her own line of shoes, bags and coats. She's teaming up with George Malkemu, CEO of Manolo Blahnik , and launching the collection, appropriately named "SJP." The collection will be available exclusively at Nordstrom (because apparently Macy's is for Madonna's stuff), and will also include bags and a few coats. The price points will be the higher end of affordable,

Ankle High

There's something so sexy about a shoe with an ankle strap. I'm not talking about gladiator sandals or lace up espadrilles, but the classic style pump.  They remind me of old Betty Page photos and are vaguely BDSM. Steve Madden Faymuss and Whitneyy They're also everywhere now.  Now on every kind of shoe from wedges to stilletos, ankle straps are the shoe this spring and will certainly continue into fall.  Some of my favorites in my own collection are courtesy of Charles David . The fig colored heels are suede with a leather snakeskin heel and ankle strap. They're perfect with a pair of ankle length cigarette pants or a pencil skirt.  There's also the far less logical pair by Wild Pair that I bought at Bakers last year on some kind of stress induced shopping spree. Dubbed my "dinosaur heels" because of the spikes down the back of the heels, the red and black suede sandals may not be work appropriate with their six inch heels and giant