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Wolf of Wall Street and the Shoe Hound

I watch a lot of movies. Husband is a total film buff, and we usually catch a couple a week. Usually from the comfort of our couch via Netflix. Christmas however provided a rare day off with nothing to do (because almost everything is closed) and with family celebrations behind us or still to come, and realizing after the babies arrive we’re not going to a movie again for a while, we seized the opportunity to go to the theater and catch a movie. We also went to dinner so I could have an excuse to wear my new boots (more on that in another post). Photo courtesy of Red Granite Pictures Wolf of Wall Street was the film selection, and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed because it’s Martin Scorsese (who doesn’t make shitty movies) and Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been consistently amazing since What’s Eating Gilbert Grape . As usual Scorsese had a great attention to detail, not letting anything slip. Including the shoes. This movie was chock full of shoe porn. Once almost literall

Alternatives to Holiday Sparkles

Around the holidays everyone defaults to sparkle. And why not. Sparkles are festive, can be worn from head to toe, and even mixed and matched (i.e. shoes and a top) if you can manage to do it well and keep yourself from looking like a human disco ball, or a disaster from the sequin section at JoAnne Fabrics. Sparkly shoes seem to be the safe bet around the holidays for those who are looking to add a little glam to their look. It’s easy, doesn’t generally take over an outfit, and it’s easy to find silver, gold and black in metallic sheens. If you’re looking for a little something different though, I suggest you skip over the shiny (dear lord I can’t believe I said that) and look for something a little more lush. Fabrics such as velvet and satin and brocade prints with jeweled embellishments can still channel the glamour of the holidays, but offer something a little different than the safe holiday sparkle. Charlotte Olympia has the Jingle Bell Dolly in her holiday collection, w

Last Minute Shoes

If you're still looking for a couple last minute gifts for Christmas, there's always the gift of shoes. Maiden Lane Men, women, children...they all wear shoes, and a nice pair of shoes gifted for the holidays can cheer anyone up.  Right now has some last minute gifts you can get in time for the holidays. Order by 3:00 pm on 12/20 and get your gifts in time for Christmas. And of course they have shoes.  My favorites right now are the  Maiden Lane, Candy Little D’Orsay Pointed Toe Flat (Original: $139, GILT: $79). I'm trying to expand my collection of flats, and this p shoe is a great addition for any woman who needs some style without the heel.  Or if you're looking for a heel, Maiden Lane pumps are also available.  Prince Albert Slipper If you're buying for the man in your life, then    Del Toro Shoes, Prince Albert Slipper (Original: $295, GILT: $199) is a great choice. It's a little twist on a classic loafer and that blue s

Emotional Shoes

Boss Jezebel wrote a whiny, shitty post today about artist Sebastian Errazuriz and a new exhibit he has at Art Basel where he showcases shoes dedicated to exes. Sebastian has a Tumbler called 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers . Each shoe, posted on a different day, showcases a different ex and has a different story. The ice queen, the boss, the rock... each one unique and reflecting a piece of the artists life with each woman. I think it's a brilliant collection of art. Jezebel thinks it's silly because he talks about sex and whines. If that's the case then almost all art is whiny garbage. Art comes in many forms, and I love the idea of telling stories through shoes. How is that any different than a painting, sculpture or music? The world would have almost no music if we discounted things about exes.   The accompanying narratives take away the guess work and artistic interpretation, but it goes far to tell a story. What Jezebel fails to understand (aside from the ba

Buy One in Every Color

Red knee high boots are kind of a staple in my wardrobe. I've had them on and off for years, and wear the hell out of them. Recently I found my new perfectly red boots courtesy of ShoeDazzle . The burgundy color is perfect, and they have great rivet detail on the eyelets and ribbon laces. Of course there's also a side zipper so it's easy to get them on and off.  I wore the boots Thanksgiving with the family,which was a long day, and they were comfortable pretty much the whole day. That's a hell of an accomplishment at this point with my growing twin belly.  Remell by Leila Stone Honestly the shoes were so amazing, and fit so well, I'm considering purchasing them again. This time in black.  But is it too weird to have the same shoes in two different colors ? Especially something as unique and noticiable as a knee high boot with ribbon lacing?  Facebook said go for it, and I think I may have to. Finding knee high boots that fit my calfs that I

Caftans and Fabulousness Coming to Zappos

In a turn of events that I didn’t see coming (then again I don't follow the career trajectory of anyone), Andre Leon Talley has been brought on to Zappos as creative director for their high-end Zappos Couture line. These Kate Spade heels are available at Zappos.  Andre will be working with the brand on fashion shoots, choosing and highlighting brands and trends, and generally making everything high-end at Zappos that much more amazing. Seriously, everything that man touches turns to gold.  Zappos Couture already has a broad list of designer vendors — such as  Gucci , Prada, Fendi, Lanvin, Cartier and  Dolce & Gabbana  — but many only sell shoes or licensed products like  eyewear  and fragrances on the site. Its three largest vendors are Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta and  Salvatore Ferragamo . Zappos' goal is to expand into a wider range of merchandise, particularly apparel, and of course there will be shoes. I know Zappos carries just about everyt