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Lucky is shopping in my closet

Today on lunch I was looking at the front page of MSN , and an article caught my eye: " Lucky Under $100 Spring Shoe Guide ." I clicked on that link faster than you read it. Shoes under $100?! Please Lucky - tell me what's going to be en vogue this season and where I can get it for under $100. I frantically clicked through the list becoming more disappointed with each click of the mouse. Platform Mary Janes-Bought them six months ago. I just featured them . Slingback heels- Seriously Lucky ? I thought you were supposed to be a shopping magazine on top of trends, not staples.  Pointy toe flats- I don't personally wear flats, but I bought my sister a pair for Christmas. Two strap flat sandals- Again, I don't wear these, but I'm pretty sure sandals have had two straps since the beginning of time.  Cork soled platforms- I have a pair of cork soled slingbacks (two trends in one) that have been worn to death. Literally- I have to throw them out, because th

Animal Attack

When my mom finds a sweater she likes, she then buys it in multiple colors. I never understood it. Then I saw this amazing pair of leopard shoes and found myself wondering, how many pairs of leopard shoes is too many? I think it's a family trait. I currently have two pair of leopard shoes. One is a pair of Mary Jane style wedges I hate and never wear. They will soon be in a garage sale. Another is a fabulous pair of Steve Madden with a wooden platform and heel and they're made of pony hair! How could those be any cooler? How about if they have a giant red ruffle on them? These shoes are so me that I had three people email me photos of them, and I tried to convince a friend to buy them so I can borrow them. She did not bite, and I was really having a hard time justifying this purchase. So then my thought was that I should find the same shoe with a peep toe, and then it's a totally different look. But then, these aren't horse hair, so it's really not the same

A peep of impracticality

The snow in Chicago is almost gone. Really. Almost. Sure, there are still some huge piles of dirt covered snow in the corners of streets and parking lots that's now showing leaves, lost gloves, trash and possibly a partially decayed, partially frozen small mammal, and yes, the piles of snow get grosser every day, but they're also getting smaller every day. The new lack of snow opens up a whole world of options regarding footwear, in particular, peep toes. And even more exciting than the regular peep-toe; there's the world of the bizarre peep-toe-boot. A boot, with that little peek-a-boo tip. It's a little rock and roll, and a little insane. I bought my first pair after running into them in Bakers and falling in love. Amazing. They were leather, mid-calf, platform stilettos with a silver-studded rose adorning one side. Really, who would not need these shoes? As I was teetering around the store with cold toes and warm calves I realized something: These shoes are

Gaga for Fashion

Late last night I was rotting around in front of the TV and saw the preview for the Lady Gaga and Beyonce video, Telephone . I decided to not move, and watch this very hyped and "scandalous" (thank you Ryan Seacrest) video. It was AMAZING. Well directed, tongue in cheek with great dancing and even better costumes. I should probably mention that as a child of the '80s I'm totally a sucker for a good music video, and I love Lady Gaga (which is my dirty little secret), and I love her fashion and wish I could dress like her. Plus Quentin Tarantino lent a hand on the video, which was awesome and immediately noted. And I love costumes. I would wear sequins, glitter and feathers all the time, but it's frowned upon at the office. I do love Gaga's costumes, especially in this video. I would wrap myself in police tape (which was designer ) and parade around in an amazing pair of shoes if I had 0% body fat like her. Which brings me to the shoes, that were amazing

Bars should not be anti-heel

There are some places on this earth you just shouldn't wear heels to. Hiking, ball games, picnics, the park. As much as I hate to admit it, there are places where they just don't make any damn sense, and generally I have something to accommodate the situation while still being fashionable. Bars should not be one of those places, but low and behold, I have found the anti-heels bar- 115 Bourbon Street. Now before judging me, let me just tell you it's not a place I frequent. It's far from my home, and generally sucks, but my fiance's neighborhood reunion was being hosted there, and so we attended, both dressed as if it's a regular Saturday night, which inevitably includes heels. That evening's choice being Aldo Mary Jane patent leather and suede stilettos. So in I walk, with my stiletto swagger and little butt shake that can only be accomplished in a pair of sky-high heels and pencil skirt, and this damn place stopped me dead in my size 7 tracks. I was

I would die

Last night I went to see The Crazies , the remake of the old George Romero film, which is not much like the original (which I have apparently seen at a film fest but don't remember it). It's a great psuedo-zombie film where people in a small Iowa town start going absolutely bonkers and killing each other with no provocation. Lots of running, shooting and bleeding ensues, and I'll stop there before I spoil the movie. So there's lots of running and walking, and since they're in Iowa, a lot of it is cornfields and deserted highway. At one point the characters are running through some open dirt field, and I came to a conclusion: if that was me, I'd die. Not die because I didn't want to live, or because I was in the middle of Corn Town, Iowa and can't find a reason to keep living in the middle of nowhere, but because I'd probably fall over and die. Really. I would be wearing some asinine shoe and fall over, not be able to run, break my ankle, someth

My pride and joy

I have lots of shoes. Really, I mean lots. And just like children, I love them all equally, and some days some more more favorite than others. Today I rocked the Fluevogs , which are my one and only pair, (which is why there's no further description) and they are once again my favorite child. Now maybe I really do just look cute today. I'm rocking a fitted, black cap sleeve sweater and argyle skirt with black tights...and the Fluevogs. People have stopped me in the hall, the lunchroom, the bathroom, one even came into my office, just to tell me they like my outfit and the shoes are amazing. Notice the last part. The shoes are amazing. Not the sweater, that goes with anything. The skirt, cute, but professional. But the shoes . Oh man. These shoes are fabulous. Traffic stopping fabulous. True story. Someone once stopped me in the street to tell me how amazing these shoes were. I guess that's good because a few years ago I spent my whole bonus check to buy them from

With Teeth

There is no better feeling than finding a shoe that is so crazy, so over-the-top that no one else would wear it. At least not for a regular occasion anyway. Behold: shoes with teeth! I got the Zombie Stomper Platforms a few months ago (seriously, that's what they're called), and have found only one occasion to wear them so far. Then again, it's also been winter in Chicago, and that's not the best time to go running around the city in open-toed platforms. The Wolfbeater Platform I found online and ordered immediately, terrified they wouldn't have my size or there would suddenly be a run on shoes with bloody teeth on the top. While I haven't really been able to justify wearing either of these shoes to the office, I am sure they will come in handy two or three times this summer when I go out to non-conservative, non-family events. Both shoes are made by Iron Fist , and the sizing is a little odd. They run about a half size too big, but don't come in half