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If the shoe doesn't fit...

Despite my love of shoes because they always love me, there are exceptions to this. Mainly boots. Knee high boots. These beautiful, sexy, leg-enhancing pieces of art for your feet and legs do not always get along with me.  Because apparently I have man calves. At least according to some of the assholes who make boots I do. Apparently dancing and walking make you develop large calves that don't fit boots with an average 10 inch calf circumference. My older sister, BK, also has this problem and she runs. A lot. Like freakishly runs. Running while pregnant kind of fitness. For her four miles is a season starting warm up. And she has problems finding knee-high boots that fit her properly. This week at a cocktail party, I became aware that it's apparently not just my sister and I who have this man calf, giant leg problem.  As I walked around smiling and chatting, there is a woman who caught my eye. She was wearing a hot pink top with matching lipstick, leggings and a pair of h

A drawer full of shoes

There have been some changes lately, and I'm getting ready to change jobs. Along with the joy and fear this brings, there's also the tedious task of going through all the crap that has accumulated in my office over the last few years and taking it home, throwing it out and packing it in boxes. So it's kind of like a treasure hunt of paper and bullshit. Stupid boots and stupid tote bags Like every good big city professional who braves public transportation (or at least one who cares about their shoes), I do not wear my nice shoes into the office on rainy or snowy days. Instead I wear something logical and hideous, and then run to my office before anyone sees me so I can slide on my heels and transform into a professional woman, as opposed to one of those creepy nylon and gym shoe wearing speed walkers. This means that over time I started to develop a shoe collection at the office. The bottom drawer of a file cabinet was devoted to shoes. Sometimes they'd be rotate

The long winter

I am so over winter. Most of the country is covered in snow, and I'm in Chicago where day after day we get to keep digging ourselves out. Each day there's more damn snow, which brings salt, slush, dirt, small frozen mammals, and God only knows what else. All of which tries is damnedest to get on your clothes, shoes, gloves, hat, scarf, face...whatever. Whatever it can ruin and makes your day difficult. I swear, snow in Chicago starts to have a mind of its own. And it's a vengeful bitch. The snow also makes my life difficult because footwear options are pretty limited. Heels and snow are not the best idea, and considering ice resides under most of the snow, it can be hazardous to your health. I've taken more than my share of falls because of ridiculous footwear. Peep toes allow for frostbite, and those shoes won't be quite as cute next year when you're missing toes. Satin and suede are automatically ruined when they go near snow, it's death to glitter,

Shoe Codes

I've never been one for dress codes. The thought of wearing a uniform in high school terrified me. As soon as I was given a dress code I pushed it. Through school, my first job, my second job, and my transition into corporate name it. I generally play by the rules and keep it professional, I just add a little something. Faux fur collars on sweaters or suits (yes, suits), bright colors, no nylons in summer. (Nude pantyhose don't do anything a clean shave and some moisturizer can't do). Class it up with colored heels and tweed The one place I've always had free reign is shoes. Sure, policies usually state things like no gym shoes or flip flops, but that really doesn't impact me anyway (as if I'd wear those out). Now offices are looking at heels and asking how high is too high? Even the classic, thin stiletto is being scrutinized, and it's professionalism is being questioned. Heels keep getting higher, and platforms are now the norm. Banning