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Feeling Blue

I get these ideas where I am suddenly convinced that I don’t have a certain kind of shoe. That of course means I immediately need said shoe. Black, red, floral, it’s all happened, but none more disastrously, or repetitively than blue. I was in Washington, D.C. a few weeks ago for work and decided to take the last remnants of the day to go out and shop at the limited stores around my office/hotel. Lucky for me one of those happens to be Nine West , which means I get new shoes pretty much every time I’m in DC. Also lucky for me, they were having a sale. Just a sampling of blue. Unfortunately, it appears everyone in D.C. who works in that area wears a size 7, because every shoe I asked to see, sale or not, they were out of. For someone hell bent on buying something, this was an awful position to be in. Then I saw them. A pair of abandoned blue, pointed toe pumps, size 7. Perfect. Mostly because I don’t have any blue shoes. It turns out I am entirely delusional.

Tom Ford Makeup: A Formspring Q&A

Every so often I get questions through Formspring about shoes, makeup, my feelings on fashion and the world in general. I am going to start posting the questions and answers on the blog so I can share them with all you wonderful readers. If you have a question for me, feel free to submit them here. Q from Kelly : LOVE your blog! I have a make-up question for you -- how do you feel about Tom Ford's Cosmetic line? Answer: Tom Ford's cosmetic line , like most things from Tom Ford is amazing. The colors are great, the packaging is slick, and there's really nothing to not love. I haven't had the chance to try the products, but I've heard they're incredible. Unfortunately, they're also really expensive (which is why I haven't tried them). This much Tom Ford makeup costs a crap-ton. As a self proclaimed lipstick junkie, $48 for a tube of lipstick is a little high for me. I wouldn't be able to buy it in mass like I do so many other cosmetics.

A Love Letter to My Gym Shoes

Dear Nikes, I know we don't hang out a lot, and I prefer to do workouts that don't require shoes (yoga and kickboxing), but you were kind of awesome tonight. A 5k with impending rain and you managed to take me all the way through. And before the rain started coming down. Love these Nikes as much as I can love a gym shoe. Sure, I was already sore from kickboxing, and I have taken three yoga classes this week, but you managed to absorb the shock so my feet weren't sore. I almost didn't mind that you're not as beautiful as my heels. I'm sure I'm going to pay for all this tomorrow and be sore as hell, but at least my feet won't hurt. So I guess you're ok. See you for next year's race. Please still be awesome. Love, Cat Thanks to Nike for the LunarGlide+3 shoes they sent me last year. They're still awesome. 

Mia Mariu Makeup Giveaway

Granada may be my next color. Mia Mariu Cosmetics , which I wrote about last week , has teamed up with Cat in Heels and is sponsoring a giveaway. If you love makeup, or would just like to try some of their amazing mineral and botanical products, now is your chance. Mia Mariu is giving away a Hydrating Stick Gloss , a loose mineral shadow , and a No. 18 Petite Detail Brush . The best part? You get to pick the colors you receive. No lousy colors that don't go well with your skin tone or a shadow that you would never wear. No weirdo, leftover from last season colors that no one wanted. Your choice. Shadow in Mora. That's pretty freaking amazing. To enter you have to "Like" Cat in Heels and Mia Mariu on Facebook. Want another entry? Follow us both on Twitter ( @catnheels and @Mia_Mariu ). A winner will be chosen on September 18. And sorry, but this is for U.S. residents only. So start looking at colors, and be sure to like us and follow us to win. Then y

Fashion's Night Out- Booze, Shoes and a Cupcake

I love fashion events. They combine two things I love, which is fashion (shoes included) and booze. Total win. Apparently handbags were selling well. Since I have a real job, and I'm not important enough to go to Fashion Week with my little blog (and because there's nothing dedicated to shoes), I was in Chicago for Fashion's Night Out, and again decided to meet up with my sister after work, and we went to the Shops at North Bridge , where they were celebrating in style, and because one of our friends was working an event there for Ulta . We spent most of our time in Nordstrom , where the sale initially derailed me, and I was lost among shoes and totally didn't see the booze and fashion show going on in Salon Shoes. Nordstrom was serving pineapple and jalapeno martinis (they were amazing), wine, champagne, appetizers, and all in the company of some amazing shoes. Cole Haan's new  Chelsea pump was being featured, and it was (of course) fabulous. We sa

Next Best Thing to Heels

If there’s one thing I am obsessed with other than shoes, it’s makeup. I have an embarrassing amount of it. I mean drag queen amounts of makeup. I have eyeshadows and lipsticks in every color, am obsessed with glosses, love buying new eyeshadow pallets (usually just for one color) and have a ton of those fabulous little  MAC  individual shadows in their little black cases floating all over.  My purse has a pencil case full of lipsticks, matching liners, and coordinating glosses and plumpers. And there’s also the stash at home of the colors that aren’t “everyday wear.”  And all my makeup goes on with brushes, which are kept in a special, roll out case. So you can only imagine how excited I was then when  Mia Mariu  approached me and asked me if I wanted to try some of their products. Ummm…what? Cover my face in creams and powders and lipsticks that I haven’t tried? Yes please. Only one problem. I have horridly sensitive skin that can’t deal with anything crazy artificial

Whoopi Goldberg is a Shoe Whore

Despite the fact that I love fashion, and blog, I am probably one of the least media consuming people. If it’s not on Facebook, Twitter or one of the many news sources I read every day, then I miss it. I don’t watch TV, or listen to the radio. When I do watch TV it’s either movies or The Soup on E! . I feel like then I know what’s going on without actually watching any of it. Kobi Levi shoes I would love to see on a person.  That all said it should come as no surprise that I don’t watch The View . In fact I’ve never seen an episode. Mostly because I work, so I'm busy at the time that it’s on, but also because I find it to be trivial and silly, and I’ve never heard a really interesting conversation that started with, “I was watching The View ...” So this afternoon when my friend texted me that I had to Google the shoes Whoopi Goldberg wore on The View today, I was somewhat skeptical. Mostly because of the previously mentioned feelings on the show, but also I’m not sure