Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Toddler Fashionistas

Is a love of accessories genetic?

The girls have gone from shoe obsessed to everything obsessed. They love when I let them pick clothes. They like the My Little Pony socks Santa put in their stocking best ("pony, pony") are super excited about shoes and hats and tutus and getting their hair done…

Maybe not the last one so much. They actually hate getting it cut, but they love doing hair flips and mugging in the mirror as soon as we say, “All done.”

Pre-bedtime toddler selfies. 
Seriously, what two year-old does hair flips?

Playing in my shoes has now elevated to playing in my shoes and dragging my giant Voodoo Vixen bag around. Literally dragging because they can’t pick it up because it doubles as a diaper bag and is full of all of our crap. I’d consider cleaning it out so it’s toddler weight, but then the bag may disappear and I’d never see it again, and I would like to wait a few years before my handbags go missing out of my closet.

I’ve even recently shut down meltdowns with hats. When they’re both so tired they can’t even, and are throwing themselves all over the floor and making these horrid whining and crying noises while rolling around (they are seriously sooooo dramatic about it), if I ask “Who wants to wear a hat?” they both immediately stop, get up and come over to me. “Hat. Hat. Hat,” they say patting their heads.

That purse weighs as much as she does.
Of course then they have to go to bed wearing their hats (or tutus or mittens), but it’s a hell of a lot easier than fighting with them and dealing with another meltdown because they don’t have a hat.

So how did all this happen? How did my two girls become so insanely girly so early on? Was it the sparkles of the necklaces literally rubbing on my belly when I was pregnant? Shopping trips when they were babies? Shopping trips now? They fact that they play in my closet? Mimicking me?

My duck boots and a devil hat.
The other day S was sitting nicely on the couch flipping through a recent copy of In Style magazine she took off the coffee table. Just sitting there like it was totally normal, this tiny girl with a big magazine on her lap, gingerly flipping through the pages. The child who can destroy a board book in the time it takes to go to the bathroom was nicely flipping through the pages as if really taking in the fashion advice on them.

Who knows, maybe she was. Maybe I have some kind of fashion geniuses on my hands. A style obsession that begins when they can barely walk sounds rather genuine. Neither one can say S’s name, but they can both say hat, tutu and shoes.

Maybe it’s a sign of things to come, maybe it’s just a phase, or maybe it’s a sign that I better keep kicking ass at work because I have two very fashion conscious girls to clothe.

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