Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Working the Boot

Boots, winter and the office. That can be a tricky game to play.

IMO this is pushing it.

Boots are the perfect shoe to wear in the winter (assuming the ground isn’t covered in ice) and they can be paired with skirts and pants, and can make an otherwise boring outfit somewhat office chic. They can also totally derail an otherwise professional look, turning you into some kind of corporate America dress code nightmare.

When it comes to boots of any height and work, stay away from heavy hardware. A buckle detail or exposed contrasting zipper is fine, but stop there. Unless you’re in a very fashion forward office, don’t wear things with chain embellishments, studs or both. This goes double when said boot is knee high.

Speaking of height, be careful. An over the knee boot can be great with pants or skirts, but you want to make sure the skirt isn’t too short, and that the boot heel isn’t too high. I personally just stay away from over the knee boots because I’m short and curvy and lose either way. If it’s flat I suddenly look like a child playing dress up or an extra from Lord of the Rings. If it’s got a heel and/or platform I look like I’m trying to dress provocatively, which is a whole separate problem. When given the choice between Frodo or Pretty Woman, I just pick a different shoe.

My personal favorites when it comes to boots are an ankle high slouch boot with a stiletto heel, or a black knee high boot with ribbon lacing and a taller, but wider heel (I also have this boot in red).
Knee high in red and black.

The ribbon laces give the boot that something “extra” a lot of people are looking for, and it provides the versatility (and added width in the calf if that’s a need).

My ankle boots are by far the most worn of the two, and they can be slouched or folded (which I never bother to do), worn with pants or skirts, and with no platform and a walkable heel, these are even great weekend boots when I’m running errands with the twins.  I got mine last season, but I still see things like it all over, so it should be hard to find.

If you have that coveted fashion job, a workplace with a progressive dress code, work for yourself, or just don’t give a fuck, then rock out with the studded, chain boots that come over your knee. I either have that stuff or wish I could wear it (over the knee boots I love you), and it’s a regular wardrobe staple when I’m not at work. But when it comes to dressing professionally, err on the side of a little less when it comes to boots. They can be a big statement in a stuffy, corporate world.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Getting Back to Yourself

Anyone who has ever had a baby knows that it takes some time to get back to “normal.” And by time I mean I’m not entirely sure this is ever actually going to happen.

Aside from the part where your body is pushed to physical limits you didn’t know were possible, there’s that whole weight gain thing. 

If you’re one of those horrid women who bounced back in like a week without any changes, then screw you. Stop reading now and go somewhere and gloat. We are not friends. For the rest of you who are still with me on this quest to yoga my ass back in shape (seriously, what happened to my ass?) then welcome. You get it.

In my total insolence and hatred of my new post-baby body I have been refusing to buy new clothes. I don’t like this new size and am determined to not stay here forever, therefore there’s no point in investing in clothes. As a result I am wearing the same 6 outfits all the time, none of which are quite my pre-pregnancy style.

Luckily, I have my shoes.

The magic heels.
After spending money on getting some basics back in the closet (black, nude, red) I could focus on something a little more fun. One day while out buying new rain boots, the day after a really rainy week, I found the shoes that made me smile.

Leopard pony-hair with a red patent heel cap. As soon as I saw them sitting on the end of the DSW aisle I knew it was meant to be. I grabbed them and ran to the front of the store, rationalizing the purchase by telling myself leopard is a neutral (but that red patent is not).

A few days later I wore them to the office with a pair of cigarette pants and a sweater and it was magic. Boom. I was myself again. I think just wearing those shoes caused me to shift around some weight in my hips and bring my ass back to normal. Suddenly I felt stylish and like the old me. Not like the me who had twins and was constantly reminded by wearing something that I didn't really like.

I always knew leopard print was amazing and magical.

Now I just need to find the heels that make my stomach flat again. 

Check out my closet on Tradesy for some amazing size 7 shoes, maternity clothes that I will never need again, and some really fabulous dresses and sweaters that just aren't getting the love they deserve.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

When I was in my 20s (and early 30s) there were always places I could go where everyone knew me. And by everyone I mean the bartenders, bouncers and the cast of regulars. I had my Cheers.

Sure it was a heavy metal/punk rock bar that always smelled of cigarettes (even after the smoking ban in Chicago) and drunk-person sweat, but that was my scene and I loved it.  Now we’ve all moved on (thank you for keeping me updated Facebook), and it’s a very different place where people don't know me, but they do know my daughters.


I bet you thought I was going to say something like the playground or Gymboree, Carters, or some baby music class. No, it’s DSW. I have gone in there so many times with my infant daughters they recognize me. I am being asked how to style difficult shoes. I’m told about promotions that aren’t advertised yet and about new shoes that came out. (The boot section is bananas right now for fall).
Not my store, but close.

Still, while I’m the one with the credit card, replenishing my now deceased shoe collection due to those little cherubs changing my shoe size during pregnancy, it’s not my name the sales people know. It’s my girls.

Granted, I’m not quite as cute, and I don’t put my foot in my mouth in public (I can but seriously, why would you want to?), but still…I’m the one buying the shoes. They don’t even wear shoes, but at the shoe store they’re the ones getting all the attention!

As a “grown up” DSW has become my new Cheers and I’m playing second string to a couple of infant girls.  That store is just counting down the days until those little girls start walking and need their own shoes.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have a cocktail and cry over the shoes that no longer fit while the twinkies nap.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Turning Babies into Goblins

Tuesday was David Bowie Day in Chicago. A new holiday we have bestowed upon the great man in honor of the new exhibit “David Bowie Is” at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  The show is a retrospective of his work in music and in film.

While I wasn’t able to attend the gala that opened the show (because it was $3,000 a ticket), I did manage to find something I have been searching for. Red and white stripe onesies with feet.

Baby goblin in the making.

If I have to explain why this is so exciting to you, then you need to immediately put down the computer and drag your shameful self over to the television and watch Labyrinth on repeat until you
understand why I bought two of them.

My twins have one piece of art hanging in their room and it’s the Labyrinth movie poster. That’s it. No clever quotes about growing up strong or pictures of the family. Hell, I haven’t even managed to get pro shots of the little rugrats taken yet. But there is Bowie. The Goblin King stares at them while they sleep. So of course I did what any loving, doting, vaguely psychotic mother who is obsessed with the Labyrinth and in love with Bowie would do. I bought them onesies that look just like Toby’s.

These kids have about a snowball’s chance in hell of being normal.
He watches over them as they sleep.

Sure, they’re probably actually Christmas onesies, but I’m really hoping to arrange some kind of photo shoot with Jareth and my girls in their Toby outfits. I may even see if I can find a small saddle for the dog, or at least toss him in as a goblin. He’s kind of goblin looking. 

If anyone is up for helping me with this nightmare dream, let me know. 

When I was younger I always thought being the Goblin Queen would be pretty amazing. You get a castle, that crying baby brother would be gone (I would have traded my little sister in a minute for that opportunity), and you get to wear pretty dresses and hang out with Jareth, his amazing hair and codpiece all day. Presumably singing and dancing.

Turns out life isn’t quite that easy, and Labyrinth may not actually be Bowie’s best movie, but there’s something magical about being able to share the thing you loved as a child with your own children. Even if it is just in the form of playing dress-up and they don't quite understand what you're doing to them yet.

Now if only I can find that white ball gown...


If you're in the Chicago area I encourage you to check out the exhibit at the MCA. They're also having a David Bowie film fest October 18-19. Or just stay home and Netflix them all.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

How My Shoes Made it to Fashion Week Before Me

"Your boots had a pretty incredible time at NYFW!" 

Fashion Week is kind of a dream among bloggers.  There’s a bunch who go and sit in the shows and give their opinion on the clothes, and ones who stalk around New York hoping to get a pic snapped so they can be on some street style blog.

Yay for all of them. I have a full time career and twins. I have a daily routine that involves not getting spit-up on my work clothes. Apparently Fashion Week and I are not going to meet any time soon.

On the other hand, my shoes have now made it to Fashion Week.

Since going back to work and getting some semblance of a normal body back, I have been cleaning out my closet, much of which can be found on Tradsey (more going up all the time). My friend and hairstylist (and the reason for my Alterna addiction) texted me one day freaking out because she had the opportunity to go and do hair for a couple runway shows for Fashion Week. Of course she jumped at the chance and was desperately trying to get her wardrobe together.

As you can imagine, as a hairstylist shoes are important. Not that the necessarily look good (although that’s a HUGE plus), but that they are comfortable. You can’t be running around for 8+ hours on your feet doing hair in shitty, uncomfortable shoes. She needed shoes. Black shoes to be specific. I have a closetful in just about her size.

I hooked her up with a pair of perfectly broken in Vince Camuto moto boots with studs and buckles. They took her through two fashion shows, an after-party and a couple trips through the airport. She was kind enough to send me pictures of my shoes at Fashion Week.

Nice to know my now too small boots have found a good home. Probably a better home than I gave them. I wore them around the city for a year and to the Christkindle Market, abandoning them when my pregnant belly made it so I couldn’t pull them on anymore. She brought them to Fashion Week.

Enjoy your new home boots. You win. I'm going to start shopping for their replacement right now.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Gilt Loves Glamour and Shoes

A new shoe collaboration has been unleashed, and you better act fast because it's only here for a little bit.

Haydee Oxford
Gilt.com and Glamour magazine teamed up to bring a new capsule collection, Gilt Hearts Glamour.

The 9-piece collection is affordably priced from $79-$129, and has everything from pumps to flats and booties available in a variety of colors and textures.

"We wanted to translate the key fall trends in a way that was both stylish and wearable," said Christina Perez, Glamour's fashion development editor. "We worked with a variety of shapes, materials and colors to ensure there was something chic for everyone-no matter their style personality. That was important to us since so many different types of women read Glamour. We felt the synergies between the Gilt customer and the Glamour reader made
Fabiola platform pump
Gilt and ideal partner for this project."
Gail Snake Embossed pump

Personally I love the snake embossed pump and the calf hair and leather oxford is a fantastic flat. Ultimately though this collection is so great there isn't one shoe that wouldn't be a great addition to anyones collection.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Coupons and Self Control

As soon as something is discounted I buy it. Seriously. If you ever want me to buy something then send me a gift certificate or coupon for some amount of money off that is a multiple of $5.

The best month for this for everyone, is of course birthday month. Well, August just happens to be
Duckie's creepers. I need to find these.
mine, and while I am a year older (and a hell of a year that was) I have not gained any self-control when it comes to the topic of spending money because I get to save money. Just ask Ulta about the damage I did last night because I was promised discounts and a free birthday mascara (which they were out of).

DSW is one of the many places that sends me a gift certificate for my birthday, knowing they’ll lure me in with $5 or $10 off. So of course I packed up the twins and went shoe shopping.

One thing that you all need to know about me shoe shopping (as if you don’t already know) is that logic and wearability has very little to do with why I buy shoes. Instead I buy shoes like animals hunt. Totally on instinct and without logic or forethought. So as I wandered around I was not considering what kind of shoes I should be getting. Especially with the new shoe size the twins gave me, you would think I would have some kind of plan.

Nope. I just buy whatever all willy nilly, which explains why I have a pair of red pumps, black and white heels, and black, laser cut peep toes.  So of course this trip involved buying a pair of shoes simply because the reminded me of the shoes Duckie wears in Pretty in Pink.

By the way, they’re nothing like the creepers Duckie wore (which are seriously awesome).
Nothing like creepers, but I kind of love them.

These are black…shoes. Seriously, I don’t know what they are. They are open but aren’t sandals, they have an ankle strap with buckles, they don’t have a heel… They’re not creepers and they’re not heels. But they’re also flat enough I can wear them out with the twins. (You try carrying 2 carries or babies in heels). 

Once I got them home I also figured out that they would look awesome with harem pants. Unfortunately, I would not look awesome in harem pants (does anyone?) and was at a loss of what to wear them with. Finally I threw them on with a black cotton skirt, graphic t-shirt and giant sunglasses and called it my new summer uniform.

All because DSW knows just how to get me. Speaking of which, I just got another $5 emailed to me. Guess where I'm going this weekend.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Catching Up on Louboutin

Deadly perfection
I need to start using my iPad more. I bet I can nurse babies and type on my iPad. (You’re welcome for that disturbing visual). I also need to not be sick, which I’m not anymore, so that’s a good start. And if both babies would sleep through the night, then I’d totally have it together and write on a way more regular basis. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in over 5 months.

Now that I’m done with my excuses, let’s talk Louboutin.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that the shoe genius released a line of nail polish, priced at the pretty penny of $50 a bottle. Despite being the most expensive nail lacquer I know of, it is also sold out everywhere.

I attribute this to a few factors:
  1. The bottle is totally bad ass and made of crystal
  2. The bottle top can double as a weapon. You can stab someone and then finish your manicure. It’s like James Bond toys for women.
  3. Everyone wants to own something Louboutin and $50 is just the price point where we can all do it.
The eight inch tall, bottle with its spire top is inspired by the sky-high, literally unwearable stilettos

The other thing Louboutin has done is release the shoes Angelina Jolie wore to the Maleficent premier (on a limited basis of course). The pointed toe hollow wedge heel was designed to look like tendrils of smoke and were designed by Christian Louboutin and Ms. Jolie. They’re called Malangeli, and personally my favorite ones were the white ones with the blood on them that she wore to the London premier.

If you want one of the 96 pairs being released, then you’re going to have to drop $1,495, but most of the profit goes to benefit SOS Children's Village, an organization close to Jolie's heart that helps orphaned and abandoned children.

Fab shoes and great nails are apparently only for those who move fast and have some money. Oh Louboutin, I love you.

I want them.
Louboutin created for a 2007 photo exhibit. The line's signature color is the trademark-protected, rich red of the designer's signature soles. Of course other colors are coming too, but they’re all limited, so be sure to move fast because these are flying off the shelves.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

No One Notices My Shoes Anymore

I’ve decided the best way to live life post-baby is to simply pack the little droolers up (seriously, so much drool) and do the things I used to do. Except go to bars. Babies aren’t welcome in bars.
Granted, packing them up is like an hour ordeal, which includes figuring out which of the three strollers to take (none of which are ideal), making sure there’s at least one extra outfit per baby, bottles, maybe a breastpump (and accessories), diapers, wipes, baby sling (because sometimes they hate the stroller), and I’m sure there’s other random crap I pack without even thinking of it.

Nightmare heels by Iron Fist
This weekend Husband and I packed up the girls and their little ruffle-butts and drove off to Flashback Weekend, a local horror movie convention. Because babies should totally be at horror conventions. It also gave me a chance to wear my Freddy Krueger shoes again, this time with the chance that Robert Englund would see them, because he was there somewhere.

For the record, no I didn’t see him, and he didn’t see my shoes. But there were plenty of people I did get to meet and talk to, and none of them noticed my shoes because I was with the twins. When I’m with them I could not have a head and no one would notice because there’s twins.

I did meet and get a picture with Lance Henriksen, which is a life highlight for me. He was very sweet, signed a picture of Bishop for Husband and I, and took a picture with us. He also spent some time talking to the girls who were lying back in their stroller, hanging out, having no idea that a living film legend was touching their feet.

Husband says their feet are never getting washed again. I’m pretty sure by the end of the day they had already spit-up on their feet.

We also couldn’t leave without getting a picture of the twins with the Soska Sisters. Writers and directors of American Mary (if you haven’t seen it go watch it now) and owners of Twisted Twins Productions the identical twins, Jen and Sylvia, are creating quite a buzz in the film community. They are also two of the sweetest girls in the world, and were thrilled to take pictures of the twins, including risking getting spit-up on to hold them.

Seriously, how cute is this?
One day the twins may think I’m cool because I was getting their picture taken with horror directors when they were just infants. Plus I think it’s a good lesson if they ever decide to go into business together. Becoming the next generation of Doublemint Twins is not the only career option. Plus they’re fraternal, so that would never work (and we’re more of a Grady Twins family). Maybe their early meeting with the Soska Sisters will rub off on them and they’ll start a company together doing something they love. 

So no one noticed my shoes all day. I pushed the stroller in my Nightmare platforms for nothing because I was preceded by ruffle-butt babies who did their best to charm everyone (Traci Lords thought they were adorable).  At least I had a good profile. I also know that next year it doesn’t matter what I wear because no one pays attention to me when the twins are in tow.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

If the Shoe Doesn't Fit

When I got pregnant everyone kept telling me how it was going to change my feet. How my feet would get bigger, or flatter, or both.

Once in a while a little ray of light would come through and some woman would tell me that her feet didn’t change at all. Everything was the same as it always was and all her shoes fit even better than before she was pregnant. (Yeah, I made that last bit up).

My new shoes need to be even bigger.
I’ve decided the women who didn’t have any foot changes are either lying or were those horrid people who gain like 10 pounds and have that perfect, round, little bump that looks like the fake belly women wear in maternity catalogs.

Being pregnant with twins I gained almost 50 pounds, my feet swelled, and my bump was more of a giant belly mound that expanded forward, up, down and sideways, threatening to crush me at every turn. Luckily, as soon as I gave birth I lost all but 5 pounds (muscle mass is a different story), my feet slowly stopped being all swollen, and my stomach went back to some semblance of normal. Unfortunately, my feet are also bigger.

How much bigger remains some kind of mystery. I have gone up a half to a whole size at times, yet still have shoes in my own closet that fit. Others have turned into some kind of cruel joke.

Last week I got two pair of shoes I ordered, including this amazing red, black and white pair from Gwen Stefani’s gx line. I went up half a size from my pre-pregnancy size since I has been wearing my old shoes all week.

Well, it must have been some kind of joke. There I was in the living room trying to jam my
I couldn't even jam my giant feet past the black strap.
previously size 7 foot into these heels, looking like I’m reenacting the role of Cinderella’s evil step-sister. My husband sat by staring, probably afraid to ask anything as I was cussing and getting that lip tremble that says I may start crying because I still randomly cry at things vaguely related to babies or my pregnancy. Finally he timidly says, “Maybe they run small.”

Good husband. Thank you for not pointing out my previously creepy, small feet are now vaguely human size, which is great for things like walking, but renders thousands of dollars of shoes that we had a whole closet built for totally useless.

Now I’m sending my giant box of shoes back in hopes a half size up fits. If not, then I will blame the shoes for being a bad cut and move on with my life after a good cry. With all the other changes that have been going on and the new life I’m adapting to, going up more than a whole shoe size is simply unacceptable.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Next Steps in New Shoes

Since having the twins four months ago I’ve been busy. I’d love to blame that on why I haven’t blogged a lot too, but the truth is that since they were born I have struggled with my blog identity.

How is Cat in Heels still the same Cat when she can’t go out anymore. What kind of adventures do my shoes have now? I go to work, and come home, and then play with babies (and by play I mean breastfeed with a little playing) until they go to bed. Then I say a prayer no one wakes up in the middle of the night so I can actually sleep and stay up too late watching movies with the husband.

New shoes to fit my new, bigger feet.
From where I was sitting the glamor of what was probably a pretty boring life to begin with, was gone.  Now I’m a woman with twin babies, who works full time, doesn’t sleep and has no clothes because I refuse to shop for my current post-postpartum body. Finally I came to the conclusion that you, dear reader, are here not necessarily because I talked about shoes, but because of my life, my adventures, and yes, my shoes.  And while the person I am has changed, that doesn’t change my obsession with shoes, fashion, workaholicness (that’s not even a word) or alcohol (thank god I can drink again).

So hang on for the new adventures of Cat. These will now sometimes involve a double stroller, a few more workouts, and probably be a little messier than before (literally; someone spit up on my purse).  I’ll be in flats once in a while, and other times I’ll teeter around in platform sandals, drink in hand, handing off babies to grandparents as my family gathers in for a BBQ. (Yes Mom, I know that made you nervous).  Sometimes we’ll focus on trends, shoes and fashion, and other times I will just vent about the dumb-ass things people say to me when I’m out with my girls (because twins are apparently like a circus sideshow).

We can all start with the closet cleaning project I’m currently working on because none of my shoes fit since I had the babes.  You can buy them, including some I never really got around to wearing, from my closet on Tradesy. I will be buying new ones a half size larger.

Join me on this crazy journey into the next chapter of life. From these platforms the view is pretty nice.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fighting with Fashion

Gladiator sandals are still in style, and I am back to traveling for work. This means that I get to see all the fashion atrocities that people across the country (or world depending on the airport terminal) commit, including that of gladiator sandals.

I am quickly coming to the conclusion that you should take a styling class before wearing them.

Last week I sat at Midway Airport in Chicago for an extra two hours while my flight was delayed because of the weather, previously delayed planes, or some kind of star alignment. (You never do know about those things).  In an effort to not think about the fact that I just walked away from my three month old babies for three days, I decided to instead focus on people watching (and talking in one unfortunate case when I got trapped listening to a lady tell me all about her delays and how her adult kids travel).

The conclusion I came to while wandering around the airport (I was looking for a nursery or place to pump, which Midway does not have), was that 1. My boobs were going to start leaking and it’s a good thing I have a sweater to cover that up; and 2. People do not know how to wear gladiator sandals.

Everyone apparently has gladiators this year. It’s the hot sandal for summer. I would think with all of the pictures of the sandals in magazines and online people would figure out how to wear them, but after a day at the airport, I assure you that is not the case.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you saw a picture of the skinny jeans with the gladiator sandals over them. I would explain why this is a bad thing, but I really feel it just speaks for itself. Loudly.

Then there’s gladiator sandals and capri pants. Capri’s are an iffy pant to begin with, and can cut women off at just the wrong spot (especially if you’re short). Adding a sandal that has buckles halfway up the calf until it meets the bottom of the pant only chops your lower half up more. This same rule can be applied to knee high gladiators and shorts that are any length other than ass-cheek. This also means you need great legs to pull this off, and if they’re really, really long, that helps too.

Curvy girls, just walk away from that one unless your sandals have a lift, you are free of jiggle and somehow do it without looking like a stripper.

Gladiator sandals work well with skirts, most shorts (even ones longer than your ass), and are super comfy for the summer. I had a pair with two ankle straps I wore so much the last few years the straps literally fell apart. Still, I can’t help but think they’re not the ideal sandal to wear to the airport in most cases due to that whole taking your shoes off part. Remember, everyone hates the person who holds up the whole line taking their shoes off or because they forgot to take their laptop out of the bag. Don’t be that person.

Or make sure you buy a pair that have a zipper. Then you don’t have to mess with all those buckles.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Totally Imperfect Pitch

For some reason I’m obsessed with peep toe booties, and yet, so picky about the way they look I didn’t own any. Finally I found a pair from Sophia & Lee that I did like.

Black, peep toe with a sling-back (so they don’t look too blocky), lacing and a subtle texture to the shoe. They would look amazing with a pair of cropped cigarette pants, and give a little oomph to a fun summer dress (assuming I ever own such a thing).

They were the first shoes I ordered after I gave birth to the twins and my feet were back to a normal size (although not my previous size). Then it turns out I didn’t leave the house for weeks on end because I had two newborns at home, so they basically sat in my room collecting dust. Then I went back to work.

I love these shoes, but they suck,
The first day I tried them on at work, I was so unstable I actually took them off and wore a different black shoe from my shoe drawer at the office. The heel didn’t look so high I couldn’t walk in it, but that was the problem I was having. But I cut myself a break. Twins did some really, really horrid things to my core muscles. Maybe I just wasn’t ready for that yet.

So I gave it a few weeks (and a bunch of yoga classes), and it was time to revisit the fabulous and perfect booties. Except a second wearing also felt off. After a stroll around the office I came to the conclusion that the problem isn’t me and my still lacking core strength, the problem is the shoe.

A five inch heel and basically no platform created an unwearably steep pitch to the shoe. So much so, than even when standing upright, it felt like I was bending my knees or leaning in some way. All of the weight was straight into the ball of my foot. It’s like I was in dance class again, but the heel was there to try and make me trip.

It was how I imagine Barbie feels all the time with her impossibly pitched feet.

Of course I wore them all day anyway, as if breaking them in will somehow change the construction of the shoe. It didn’t, but at least I can say I tried.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Farewell to the Dark Genius

The art world lost a great artist this week with the passing of Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger. The man who created art from our dreams and nightmares, was perhaps best known for creating the horrific aliens for the beloved sci-fi horror franchise.

McQueen shoes and a model of the original alien.
I almost feel it can go without saying that my household is a huge fan of his work. So much so we have "Spell 1," a limited edition resin sculpture, hanging in a bedroom. 

One of the things that always impressed me about Giger’s work was his ability to inspire others. His work was emulated, but also taken by artists and interpreted for their own work, citing him as the obvious influence.

This is perhaps best (and most obviously) illustrated with Alexander McQueen’s Alien shoes from his 2010 line. With Giger’s approval Polish fashion designer Malgorzata Dudek created a line of clothing with Giger prints on it.
Dudek's Alien inspired line.
In 2013 Georgia Hardinge created a line of sculptural dresses inspired by the dark art, Danzig featured a woman in a Giger costume in the "How the Gods Kill" video, and even Beyonce has worn costumes inspired by his brilliant vision.

Within the traditional art world I have no doubt Giger influenced countless artists in various mediums, including film. I’m not sure many other artists can claim that kind of influence over so different mediums.

Let’s hope we continue to see fashion and other works inspired by him for many years to come so his legacy and influence on art and fashion may live on. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Postman Rings Incessantly

Oh the things I do for shoes.... 

The other day I opted to take advantage of a massive ShoeDazzle sale and ordered a new pair of shoes. After agonizing over the size (because pregnancy was not nice to my feet), I opted for a half size larger and places the order. I then promptly forgot about them in the chaos that is being home with six week old twins. 

This morning I got up, made phone calls, answered emails, all while nursing babies and bantering with Husband, who is endlessly bringing me glasses of water, and he expressed the desire for me to take 10 minutes to myself and shower. Although the actual request involved something about me smelling like a barnyard animal and how it can't be good for the babies or humanity in general. 

Daily showers are a luxury, which all my mom friends told me and I didn't really understand/believe. 

After wrapping up all calls and emails, and getting both babies to sleep, Husband busied himself and I ran upstairs to shower. Just after I put my contacts in, and was about to start the water, standing in my bra and panties, the doorbell rang. That promptly set off the dog. 

I scrambled to figure out where I had flung my pajama pants, and the bell rang again, the dog kept barking, and I instead grabbed Husbands bath robe and went flying down the stairs as the bell rang again. 

Seriously, this person is really, really impatient. 

As I threw open the door to find the world's most bell happy mail lady I heard the first snuffles that I knew would lead to cries. 

She silently shoved the box into my hands, staring at the oversize bathrobe I had wrapped myself in and walked away as the first wail started. I then got so wrapped up in getting everyone quiet again that I didn't even get to open the box for like an hour. 

Finally, I got some quiet, and before running off to the shower, I took a moment to open my shoes. Peep toe, lace up, sling back peep toe booties with perforation detail on the vamp from Sophia & Lee. Black of course. 

Perfect with slim fit pants, work or play, and fabulously walkable. Good thing I'm going back to work soon and I may actually wear them. 

The best part is that they fit. Partially because they were final sale, and in other part so that i now know roughly what size I wear. Now it's time for closet cleaning and massive shoe shopping. 

Oh, and I did finally get that shower. Maybe another day I'll get enough time to include a pedicure too. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bringing it Down a Notch

Heel heights that are in vogue change yearly. For the last few years heels have been sky-high stilettos
Denelle by Sole Society.
with massive platforms. Some of them got so high they bordered on vulgar, being a height and design once only reserved for dancing when you can support yourself with a pole.

This year heels have gotten a little thicker (more on that in a different post) and in doing so they have gotten a little lower. Once the standard, the newly named "mid-heel" is all over the place this year, and is much easier to walk in, and a little less scandalous than it's higher counterpart, even when in stilettos. 

The mid-heel is the perfect shoe for the office, and can go seamlessly from day to night. Another bonus is that they don't have your feet pitched at an insane angle, so you can actually walk in them, and stand in them for more than an hour. 

The mid-heel is also popping up on sandals for summer. From gladiators to strappy summer sandals, it's
Betty Bow Heels by Pinup Girl Clothing
 all about being able to walk for miles in fashion. 

Or am I the only one who walks for miles in their heels? Seriously, it's a great workout. As long as you're staying out of the grass. Any kind of heel in grass is bad and should be avoided. 

I also have to admit that now with two babies, there's also an obvious advantage for me (and all other mothers) with the mid-heels as well. Carrying squirmy babies while wearing towering platforms isn't the most practical thing, and I'm not ready to hang it up and be in all flats all the time. 

Halogen Marissa 
Comfortable and foot friendly, I have to admit that I'm personally excited heels are taking a step down. After spending the last few years of my life somewhere just shy of six feet tall and walking slow as hell, it's nice to be a little closer to the earth and able to speed up the walking just a touch. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Seeing if the Shoes Fit

Yeah, I totally fell off the grid for the last few weeks. But I swear I had a good excuse. I was busy having babies.

Ok, not the whole time, but I went into labor on Tuesday, March 18 and delivered two healthy girls mid-morning by cesarean section. Then there was the subsequent hospital stay, getting home and being totally overwhelmed. Crying jags, hormone issues, sleepless nights... Actually that's all still continuing, and probably will for a while. Luckily we have managed to get some kind of schedule established, and I'm thinking that furiously blogging between feedings is really the way to go right now.

Meet Delilah and Scarlett.
Now that I'm not pregnant for the first time in nine months, it's also time to dig through my closet and find out what happened to my wardrobe. I'm not quite in my own pants just yet (three weeks is a bit ambitious), but I can fit into some of my looser clothes, have lost a lot of the baby weight, and have managed to wear heeled boots once out of the house.

I'm not sure I left the house more than once in the last few weeks. It turns out babies don't have great social lives.

I also need to use one of the upcoming nap times to go through my closet and try on all my shoes. My feet were swollen the whole latter half of my pregnancy, and I have no idea if they got bigger or not, and need to see what fits.

I know my black Steve Madden boots are good, and my gym shoes are fine. Hopefully the rest of my shoe collection also still fits. If not then it looks like there will be a hell of a shoe sale online soon. I'll be sure to keep you all posted in case that happens.

Hopefully when I go back to work in a few weeks I'll have some shoes that fit, along with some real clothes and most of my waist back. And if some of my shoes no longer fit, then I'll just have to start buying more. Hopefully the girls will like shoe shopping.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bold Lips and Low Expectations

Right now it's all the rage for brands to team up with celebrities for a special line of something. 

Kristin Cavallari has a deal with Chinese Laundry for heels, Madonna brought Material Girl
Nice lips, but she's hardly the first to do a bold lip.
exclusively to Macy's, the new SJP line is only at Nordstrom, and Gwen Stefani unveiled her GX shoes only through ShoeDazzle

No stranger to the celebrity lines, MAC has recently announced the celebrity face of their new partnership for the next round of limited edition cosmetics. And seriously I couldn't be more disappointed. 

Oh, you thought this was going to be positive and about shoes. Sorry. It's about my second favorite love, cosmetics. Especially MAC, to which I am hopelessly devoted. 

This summer MAC releases a line with songstress, and possible one-hit-wonder, Lorde. 

I'll give you a minute to let that soak in. 

The girl who looks like she's wearing drugstore lipstick that doesn't match her skin is getting a cosmetics line. Even better, it was described by one online rag I read as a "goth" collection, because apparently Lorde is so goth. 

That shit "Royals" song could not possibly be less goth, and purple lipstick and a black dress doesn't make you goth. As someone who lived through the '90s, saw and hated the rise of Hot Topic, and still listens to music that some consider to be "goth" I think I can easily identify that she is not goth. 

Usually I love the MAC collaborations. RuPaul for Viva Glam, makeup effects artist and genius Rick
This is what MAC is capable of. Amazing. 
Baker got a Halloween creature collection in 2013, and Heatherette had a fab collection years ago that I still wish I could find again. Hell, even Betty and Veronica from the Archie Comics had a line with MAC. 

Sure,  Lorde wears MAC (so she claims) and MAC senior makeup artist Amber Dreadon is the one who created the Grammy look for the singer with the purple lips that didn't look like shit on her, so they already have a relationship. But by that rational, I should get a MAC line next. I wear their makeup almost exclusively, have some people who may or may not give a mild fuck about the makeup I wear, and wear as much or more makeup than most drag queens. 

Now if only I could go to the Grammys, Oscars, or anything else that would make people give a crap about who I'm wearing and what's on my face, I'd be set. Hey MAC, call me. I can totally fit a collaboration into my schedule. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hello Lover - SJP Shoes Debut at Nordstrom

"Hello lover."

The Diana pump is a must-have. 
It's perhaps my favorite line ever uttered on Sex in the City, and it was to a pair of shoes. It's the line that summed up one woman's obsession with footwear and that runs through my head every time I see that "oh my god, can't live without them" pair of heels. Which is like every time I go shopping.

Now, Sarah Jessica Parker has channeled her inner Carrie Bradshaw and her own love of shoes, and Nordstrom.
released a line of shoes and handbags, appropriately titled SJP. And, while we all knew this was coming, now they're actually available at

Sarah Jessica Parker made a stop at the Nordstrom across the street from my office on Friday, but due to the fact that I'm 36 weeks pregnant with twins, and haven't seen my feet in over a month (plus the swelling, not being able to walk a block, and so on), I had to skip my chance to meet her and the opportunity to try on the shoes.

No point in trying on shoes when my feet are swollen because of
Carrie comes in colors

Instead, I'll wait until I am back to buying shoes again before trying any on. At $300 a pair, they're more affordable than Carrie's beloved Manolo's, but still expensive enough that you're going to want to make sure you can wear them for more than a minute. Plus there's more than just one pair that I am already obsessed with.

For starters, there's the Diana pump, which is part of my endless search for the perfect black pump. With it's pointed toe and diagonal strap detail, it may be the perfect black pump for me.

Also on he "I need it" list is the appropriately titled Carrie t-strap pump, and the Tanny ankle strap pump.

For those of you a little less obsessed with pumps than I am, there are also some amazing espadrilles, strappy sandals (don't get them stolen), sensible but stylish sandals, and a really cool lace up bootie by the name of Alison.

As for the opportunity to meet Sarah Jessica Parker and the opportunity to bond over shoes and twins, I guess that will just have to wait.  Hopefully one day she'll come back and I'll be a little more mobile, definitely less pregnant, and maybe I can even take the twins out to meet a style icon.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Falling, Glitter and Yawns - The 2014 Oscars

The Oscars were Sunday and of course everyone was out in their finest clothes and borrowed jewels.

The rest of us just sat at home in our yoga pants eating ice cream and dreaming about the day that we can wear normal clothes and see our feet again. Or just I did that. 

They all get credit for not showing up in yoga pants.
Seriously, props to Olivia Wilde, Kerry Washington and Elsa Pataky (who is carrying twins) all looked amazing with their bump. I also give Elsa credit for even leaving the house with that bump, let alone looking as amazing as she did (in Ellie Saab). I'm not sure when she is due, but I can only imagine it's soon because we're about the same size. 

Really though, the whole night was not only about the dresses, but the shoes, with slits in dresses, heels were on display, and I must admit that I was surprised to see so many platforms. Maybe it's so they didn't have to get their dresses hemmed. I totally pulled that trick at my wedding, but when I got married three years ago platforms were all the rage. Now I think they're going away and zero platform is more acceptable. 

This is not what Dorothy's shoes looked like.
Then there was also the really awkward moment that Whoopi lifted the hem of her bizarre and ill-fitting dress to reveal a pair of striped tights and red glitter heels for the Judy Garland tribute. I've seen Wizard of Oz more than a couple times and not once do I recall Dorothy wearing six inch platforms that were probably made by Pleaser

Now I have no issue with Pleaser heels or glitter, six inch platforms, or anything of the sort. But when you're trying to pay tribute to a classic film that contains the most iconic shoes in the history of cinema, maybe don't pick them up at Lover's Lane on the way to the awards ceremony. Just because they're glitter doesn't mean they're the magical ruby red slippers, or anything even close. 

Then there's Jennifer Lawrence. She looked very nice, and was her bubbly, America's Sweetheart self, and apparently endeared herself to millions of Americans again when she fell again, apparently tripping on the red carpet. 

Please just be drunk. Then this is funny instead of sad.
I get it, we all fall in our shoes, and shit happens, but seriously. Pull it together and learn to walk in your shoes before leaving the house. Once is cute, the second time you just look like kind of an asshole. If this happens again next year we're going to all think that it's on purpose to make yourself appear cute. Or be drunk. Falling is totally acceptable if you're absolutely loaded, and Jennifer Lawrence may be a little more interesting if she gets drunk and acts like kind of a bitch. 

Am I the only one who doesn't believe she's really that nice? Mostly because I don't believe anyone is that nice. 

The rest of the evening was full of amazing shoes, dresses and jewels, and was probably one of the safest, and most boring Oscars ever. When Whoopi's hooker shoes are the most discussed thing on Twitter, then you know it's a dull night. Maybe next year someone will get drink and tell off the host or throw a heel at the front row. That would be a night worth discussing. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gwen Dazzles with GX at ShoeDazzle

Gwen Stefani spent the last decade going from rock star to style icon and rock star. Plus she married Gavin Rossdale and had a couple of cute kids, including the one she's currently pregnant with.

I'm obsessed with the red boots. 
I'm trying to figure out how we can become friends so we can have playdates with her new baby and my twins. Then we can talk fashion and diapers, and with the new line she has just launched with ShoeDazzle, Gwen sure has a lot going on.

GX is the first collaboration between ShoeDazzle and Gwen Stefani, and features shoes and handbags in black, red, white and cobalt blue. This works out really well for me because those four colors make up 90% of my wardrobe.

The shoes have some great diversity between sleek pumps with small island platforms and single soles, sky high wedge sandals, and some great bootie styles.

When it comes to handbags, there are more square, structured styles, and the same basic but bold colors. They're all pretty freaking amazing.
Punk rock and old Hollywood combined.

The best part about all of these, is that they're actually totally affordable. With heels and handbags under $100 (some even under $50!) this is a great collection to get your hands on. I have already started creating a list of heels and handbags (all of them) that I want as soon as my feet are back to their normal, non-swollen pregnancy size.

Honestly, I hope that Stefani and ShoeDazzle keep working together. I think a Fall/Winter collection would be fabulous. Affordability and style are two of my favorite things.

I just have to hope that they'll all still be available in a month when my feet are back to normal. Then I can start working on booking that play date.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Self Lacing Technology is Coming

Apparently in the 1980s, our present seemed so far away they felt they could wildly speculate about what the future would hold. Now here we are in the Back to the Future II years and totally lacking in hover boards, flying cars and my trash an doesn't talk to me.

Probably a good thing on the talking trash can. 

Now with self lacing technology.
One thing that has been coveted by many all these years are Marty McFly's gym shoes from 2015. A
couple years ago Nike actually made that happen, and sold a 1,500 pairs they made to people with lots of money who were also gym shoe fanatics and Back to the Future fans. One disappointment was that the shoes didn't self lace and you actually had to do it yourself.

Now Nike announced they are fixing that and will have a self lacing shoe out by 2015. 

I have to wonder how long they've been sitting on his patent, hoping they can make it work. 

While I personally don't care about gym shoes all that much, I have to admit that's self lacing technology could be more than a little awesome. 

Sure, it could be because I'm really, really pregnant right now (twins) and gave up on anything with laces due to my inability to reach my feet without making lots of grunting noises, but I also have to think of the other, more practical applications. 

Seriously, these would be so much easier to
put on and off if they laced themselves. 
Think of the possibility of a self lacing knee-high boot. Suddenly you wouldn't need to include the 10 minutes of lacing into your getting ready time, and then sleep in them when you come home too drunk to figure out how to unlace your damn boots.  

Yes, I speak from experience on that one. 

Then you can also apply the self lacing technology to other things. Jackets, corsets, sleeves (I've owned some crazy clothes), really the possibilities are endless. Self lacing could not only be a great thing for gym shoes and complicated boots, but it could change fashion. 

Then again, we would also have to hope that our shoes don't have some kind of malfunction where they lace too tight or won't unlace and we're stuck in them for days. But I'll leave that to the scientists working on the idea in the first place.