Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Topped with Baby Shoes

The centerpieces were amazing. 
My twin girls aren't even born yet and they're already spoiled as hell.

This weekend my sisters and mother threw me one hell of a baby shower. It was complete with 200 diapers made into cakes (which should last about a day after the twins arrive), my family and friends, delightful mini bunt cakes and cookies, and each diaper cake was topped with a pair of baby shoes. 

Baby boots, gym shoes, lamb slippers, polka dots and strappy sandals. Each pair was cuter than the one before. 

When it came to gifts there were even more baby shoes that made their debut. These with sequins and glitter, including two pair of sequin leopard print Stuart Weitzman baby shoes. 

My spoiled brat kids haven't even taken their first breath of air and they have Stuart Weitzman waiting for them in their well-stocked and highly fashionable closet. 
Babies first shoe collection

I'm their mother and I don't even have a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes. 

In all they have 10 different pair of shoes, and at least another 5 weeks before they make their debut into this world, when most likely their feet will be too small for any of the shoes they have right now. If they're starting their life with this much, I can only imagine how spoiled rotten they'll be by the time they're five. 

Little fashionistas before they even come out of the womb. I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kandee Luxe Collection: Something for Eveyone

Allure brings over the knee to a new level.
For many of us winter brings snow, cold and general misery. In Chicago it feels like it's been -20 and snowing for months now. In reality it's been like three weeks, but with no end in sight, it sure does make things seem drab.

Luckily, there's a cure for drab winter, and that is shopping and buying all the cozy clothes and shoes from the winter collections. Kandee shoes now has their full Winter  Luxe collection available, and it's the cure for the winter blues. No kidding, I felt happier the moment I started looking at the shoes.

There's something about shiny new boots (or new pony hair and studs) that just warms my heart and makes me not hate the universe quite so much. The Amor, Sweet Peanut, and Peanut Crunchy all offer the classic ankle boot with a leopard print in a variety of styles with a tall, sexy stiletto. Plus the whole collection is inspired by Hollywood legends and contains the signature embellishments Mr. Kandee is known for.

How can you not be totally in love with Dita?
If over the knee is your thing, then no worries because Kandee covered that too, in everything from laces to laser cuts with a couple sparkle embellished boots for the truly daring.

If you're looking for something a little more practical (i.e. walkable) then check out Brooklyn, a high-top that's anything but dull, and the studded Kylie, a mesh and jeweled boot that can punch up any outfit.  I'm personally dying for Kylie right now because I'm stuck in flats for another month or two until the twins are born and cute boots would make that all the more bearable.

Then there are of course the classic stilettos such as Tribute and Saint (a personal obsession), or you can go for classic with an island platform in a variety of textures.

As with previous collections, no matter what you're into, there's something for everyone. And once I'm in heels again, there may even be two or three somethings for me. Assuming some of this snow melts and all my money isn't already spent on diapers.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Runway to Realway - Hair and Fashion

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows I’m kind of obsessed with hair. Not because mine is particularly awesome or because I can do amazing things with it (I can’t), but because it’s part of fashion, and there’s no excuse for bad hair.

Also, I love a good product, and ever since my best friend and hairdresser turned me on to Alterna, I have been a devoted follower. Even my travel products are all Alterna.

Yesterday I got the opportunity to attend a “Runway to Realway” wrap party for Project Runway, and meet Michael Shaun Corby, Global Creative Director for Alterna Haircare, stylist, and the hairstylist on Project Runway.

He’s also the sweetest person you could hope to meet, and can (of course) create killer hair.

What I learned last night is that it’s all about the updo (bad news for me an my straight hair and round face) and all about profiles. Michael Shaun talked Golden Globes hair styles, the new pomp on women’s hair, and how to create beautiful, messy looks in minutes.

Of course all this was for stylists, and I am still clueless on how to do any of this for myself, and who knows if it would even look good on me. All the styles looked amazing on the models, but of course they were tall a beautiful and willowy.  A far cry from my short, curvy self, currently made even more curvy by the watermelon of 7 months worth of twins I’m carrying around.
The models and their fab updos.

The night also showcased (although by accident) some recent fashions, with everyone there dressed to impress (of course). Leggings and boots were the look for the evening, with others shoosing dresses with a fuller, circle skirt that accentuated the waist.

I opted for a black and white printed pencil skirt from ASOS Maternity and an oversized black sweater, paired with the black Remmell boots from ShoeDazzle. The low, chunky heel made walking easy and balance a non-issue, while offering up a little something extra with the ribbon lacing.

These are the boots I loved so much I have them in two colors.

I got tons of compliments on the boots, my and my bump, and now there’s a whole new crop of people waiting to see when the babies get here.  We should really start a betting pool to pay for college. Or for their clothes, because you know any children of mine are going to be fabulously fashionable.

Everyone wore black shoes. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pantone 2014 Color of the Year

2013 was emerald and Pantone has declared 2014 the year of "Radiant Orchid."

Steven does purple velvet with a bow.
Good thing it's a nice, lush color and not the color of Barney the dinosaur. 

Personally when it comes to purples I'm more of a deeper purple, eggplant kind of girl, but especially with spring coming up (rumor has it all this snow will eventually go away) it's the perfect color for spring. 

Best of all it's a great color for shoes. Adding a purple (or radiant orchid) shoe to almost any ensemble is the perfect way to bring in that pop of color. It's also a popular color in all those florals that show up each print, so adding a floral shoe will automatically put you right into the Pantone pallet and make sure you're rocking the color of the year. 

Get a little edgy with Iron Fist.
Of course it remains to be seen how this shade is actually pulled into fashion this year by designers, but I hope that we see quite a bit of it. It's a great color that looks amazing on women (and men) with a variety of skin tones, hair colors, eye colors. In fact, I can't think of anyone that orchid wouldn't look just amazing on. So keep an eye out and pick up this color when it s available. It's a great a addition to any wardrobe. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Eve Sparkle and Stilettos

New Year’s Eve is a night for fabulousness and sparkles. Of cute dresses and even cuter shoes.

Add a six month pregnant with twins belly and six inches of snow, and it suddenly becomes something entirely different.

Figuring this was my last New Year’s Eve out in the world for a while, the husband and I decided to go to dinner and then meet up with friends for a fabulous little Moulin Rouge soiree at a vintage movie theater.  It perfectly combined going out, cocktails (for those who could drink) and a minimal crowd so as to avoid being bumped into (or bumping into people) with my baby bump.

My clothing was all set, courtesy of my older sister, who gave me a bunch of maternity clothes, including one fabulous little black dress she wore to our cousin’s wedding.  A sparkly necklace and the right shoes and it would be perfect. The problem was really finding the right shoes.

The snow that was slowly falling all day assured me I didn’t want to skip nylons and go for open toe shoes. Plus I am in desperate need of a pedicure and can’t do it myself, so closed toe was the way to go. But then I can’t wear anything too high because I lose my balance. And I can’t wear anything too low because…well, hobbit. So I finally settled on my gold Sam Edelman heels with a gold necklace, matching earrings, and my champagne glitter Lux DeVille purse.

They survived the snow. 
If you’re going basic black, you may as well add a little sparkle.

As it turns out stilettos and a six month twin belly don’t go together that well, especially when it’s snowing. While I looked fabulous, I haven’t been that unsure of myself in a pair of heels since I used to play dress up in my mom’s shoes. Add the snow, which was slippery as anything, not to mention deep, and it was a sight to behold.  Teetering around in faux fur leopard coat, rocking the baby bump, and trying my best to look celebrity chic.

There’s a reason those people live in warm climates. There’s no chic way to walk through snow in heels. Ever, but especially when pregnant.

But I did it. Spent the last New Year’s out in a pair of fab heels. Next year may be a little more low key and involve the husband, (hopefully) sleeping babies, and the Ghost of Dick Clark, but at least I’ll be able to drink.