Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Getting to the Point

Trends of all kinds come and go, and women's heels seem to cycle through trends faster than other things. Like women's clothes, or men's clothes, or men's shoes (which don't really change at all).

Pointed toe shoes are back, this time with a popularity and power not seen since the last time they were declared the hot shoe, which was about 10 years ago. 

These Bakers heels are on my wish list.
Also known as just long enough for me to have gotten rid of all the ones I was holding onto, so now I need to repopulate my collection. 

The first ones that managed to walk back into my collection, did it rather unwittingly. It was a pair of blue snakeskin, Fergie Footwear Protest pumps. I had been watching them for a while, and then found them in a lightening trip to DSW. 

When I got them home and slipped them on, I instantly fell in love with the pointed toe heels all over again. They create a great silhouette, elongating the leg and foot, they're easy to walk in, and usually provide just a touch of toe cleavage. 

The first of what will be many. Again.
I love this look on me because it creates a good balance with the rest of my body. 

Pointed toe heels are also wildly diverse and you can find all different styles. Ankle straps, platforms, flats, varying heel heights...there's pretty much something for every taste. 

Assuming that you like pointed toe shoes. If not then you're pretty much hosed this season. 

Lucky for me, I'm loving them, and as I transition my peep toes out as we move from Fall into winter, you can bet that pointed toe heels will be all over my wardrobe. 

Plus they always make people wonder where my toes go. They look good and I'm a walking magic trick. Winning all around. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Heel Height is Just a Number

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is what height are the heels I most commonly wear.

I wish that was an easy question to answer.

I have heels of all different heights. Everything from kitten heels to 6" stilettos with the mother of all platforms.

A smattering of some standards.
Now granted, I don't wear the kitten heels, which is kind of a shame because they're a great pair of Kenneth Cole, zebra phony hair sandals. But with a heel that short and my 5'4" frame I look like a hobbit playing dress up. I should probably get rid of them, but they're pony hair. And zebra. You can't just get rid of zebra. Or Kenneth Cole.

Most of my heels are somewhere between 3" and 5" and they serve all kinds of purposes. Some of them are for running errands, some for work, some exclusively for going out (because my Iron Fist Zombie Stompers aren't really work appropriate) and others are used for everything. Some of them have a platform that levels out the shoe, making it more comfortable and wearable, and others have a crazy high pitch, making them good for little other than sitting and making my legs look longer than they really are.

I'd say the six inch heels are rare, but I'm not actually sure of that. With heels getting higher and higher over the last couple years, it's entirely possible I have more six inch heels than I think.

Really, who the hell knows. The reality of it all is that I don't measure my heels. I don't even bother to look at the side of the box to see what they say they are. I just see something I like and I buy it. End of story.

Well, actually price factors in quite a bit, otherwise I'd have an ass-ton of designer shoes, but after I've decided that I can afford them, everything else is superfluous. Like what I'm going to wear with them, if I need them, or even if I already have something like them.

I guess that's how I ended up with an Imelda Marcos shoe collection and no money.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sassy Shopping Fashion Bash

The Fashion Bash is one hell of a party.

Sparkles and brass knuckles
Aside from the blasting dance music (yeah Madonna), the vendors, swag bag and food, there's also the booze.

Sure it was supposed to just be samples, but by the time the other bloggers and I made our way through the racks to the Real Russian booth it was shots all around.

Hosted by the Sassy City Chicks at Venue One in Chicago, I got my invite through the fab Chicago Blogger Network, who does a great job of letting bloggers know when something cool and relevant is going on, and making sure we get invites.

Tons of jewelry and clothes, this shopping event was surely one to behold, and should not have been missed by a die-hard shopaholic. Most of the jewelry was amazing, unique pieces that truly were one of a kind.
The Real Russian shot guy

Clothes were all over the place too, and while there were more than a few pieces I fell in love with, nothing that ended up coming home with me.

By 7:00 the place just crawled with women, all shopping for some hidden gem. And little treasures were everywhere, it just depended on what you were looking for. In fact, aside from the guys who worked at the booths or worked at the venue, I'm pretty sure the place was void of testosterone. At least while I was there. But even if they did show up later I'm pretty sure they were going to be wildly disappointed unless they were looking for women's stuff.

After shopping, doing shots with the Russian and doing a couple laps, I finally relaxed back into the white, art deco lounge that had been arranged and started making notes, answering emails, tweeting and summing up the event.

The only shoes I found

If you were following me on Twitter then you know how fast and furious it was for a while there, but it had to be. There was everything, including Nutella crepes and people doing hair. Thankfully not at the same booth. And sure, the event was a little void of my beloved shoes, but there was so much else, I bet some people didn't even notice.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tourist's Shoes and No Heels

While I was in New Orleans I remarked on how flip flops are the unofficial shoe of the tourist. They were everywhere. From cemeteries to bars, breakfast lunch and dinner, casual and formal, apparently flip flops are the only thing you're supposed to wear.

It's the flip flops with dresses that threw me.

And I'm not being a nasty bitch here. I mean I am but I'm not. I'm not talking about sandals that happen to have the same style as flip flops, but have some kind of beading or are made of leather. I'm talking about $5, drugstore, unadorned, plastic flip flops.

Then there were Crocs.

Just kill me.
The one good sidewalk in the city, and they leave metal sticking out.

The crazy thing about the whole city though was that every store I saw was not only void of flip flops (which means people all bring their own), but void of heels in general. Unless of course it was a stripper store at which point there were heels, but they weren't the kind you wear wandering around.

Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks it's impossible to walk around that place in a pair of stilettos, or thinks flip flops are atrocious. And no, I didn't see any Crocs in the stores either.

Instead the city was full of boutiques with weird little shoes that just weren't my style, or stores that were totally common that I can find in any major city. So believe it or not, there will be no pictures of heels I bought on vacation, and nothing in my collection now bears the title of my "Nola Heels."

The whole thing makes me kind of sad. But at least I wasn't in flip flops, and I can rest easy knowing the even the natives find it hard to navigate their ancient city in a pair of spikes.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Land of Booze and Cobblestone

I love to travel. And I get to do some for work, but it generally involves seeing an airport and a hotel, and sightseeing on my lunch hour.

This is where these stayed. 
In other words, it kinda sucks.

Last week I finally got to take a real vacation and I went to New Orleans with my husband and a couple of friends. Land of voodoo, Cajun food, street performers, Bourbon Street, debauchery and cobblestone sidewalks.

Those last two don't go well together.

I've been there twice before, so I really should have remembered that you can't walk anywhere on a flat surface, but apparently I was too drunk to remember anything. I can't even use the excuse that it was a long time ago, because I was there last year.

Lucky for me I packed a few pair of wedges of varying heights, and the one pair of stilettos I brought for the nice night out ended up staying in the suitcase. Between the cobblestone, stumbling drunks, bizarrely curved streets, and the fact that every piece of metal that has ever been installed is still sticking out of the street, the whole city is like hot heel death.

I saw two girls (who weren't strippers) brave enough to walk down Bourbon Street in a pair of high heels, and I saw one of them fall. Maybe it's out of character, but for once in my life I think I chose well.

How to get through Nola.
Most evenings I wore my black Blowfish split wedge sandals, and the days were spent in a pair of gladiator sandals with a very modest wedge. And I still managed to twist my ankle. Probably because I had been drinking; and because there was a hole in the street. (Really, the drinking is kind of a given). The worst part is moments before I did it I saw my friend trip over the hole and thought, "Better avoid that."


So the last day in New Orleans I woke up with a hangover and a twisted ankle, and a couple of bruises I still can't explain. I guess that means it was a good time. The pictures sure look like we all had a blast, and my shoes have more than a few more miles on them. I should really consider buying another pair before my next vacation in case I go to another place that doesn't believe in modern sidewalks.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Like Me, Love Me

Tonight is not about shoes. Well, it is because everything I do is about shoes, but it's kind of not. It's about Facebook.

And how they're now a money-making corporation.

As everyone who has a page for their blog or business now knows, Facebook is trying to build profits and make money off pages. Now unless people specify they want to see your page in their feed, it only appears there if you "promote" the post. And by promote they mean pay.

This is what you need to do
Seeing as how Cat in Heels makes me little to no money, and Facebook can't be paid in shoes (which is what I spent all my money on), I'm asking you to make sure you have selected to have Cat in Heels appear in your news feed.

To do this you simply hover over the "Like" button and have "Show in news feed" checked.

If you don't then you'll miss out on my snark, wit, drivel, bullshit and tons of pictures of my shoes. You can also catch most of that stuff on Twitter, because I'm everywhere.

So good for Zuckerberg and Facebook for figuring out how to make money so they don't become another tech bubble that will burst (or at least as bad). But they're going to have to do it off of other people, and you're going to have to show me the love. So comment, like and tell your friends. Maybe one day Cat in Heels will be able to become a line of shoes or a reality show at which point I can make someone else foot the bill for my promotions.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Flip Flopping Through the Streets

Summer is the time of street festivals, outdoor music fests, walks to parks, the beach, farmer's markets, and pretty much everything else that is even vaguely within walking distance (so long as it's not raining).

This weekend street festival season started for me with the first of many in my neighborhood. So I rounded together them family, put Thor in his bag (yes, my dog rides around in his own bag) and set out for hot day full of fried, bad for you food, beer, vendors galore, music, more dogs, people and children.

The kid's section of the festival was separated so we managed to avoid them pretty well, and instead wandered between grilled sweet corn, some fabulous accessories, dog treats, and music. Finally we grabbed a falafel, found a spot on the curb, and sat down for food, music and people watching, and at that level you get an eyeful.

I bet their feet are so gross!
Now I know how my dog feels. While Thor was busy begging falafel and drinking spilled beer out of the gutter I saw the world at foot level, and let me tell you it's horrifying. Mostly because on a hot summer day it's nothing but a sea of flip flops.

First, flip flops are really not footwear. They're some kind of weird, partial sandal that's pretty much for sandy beaches only. They're not meant to walk in for a long time, and not the best shoe to wear if you're navigating around spilling beer, cigarette butts, dog drool, dirt, dust, food remnants, and anything else that falls to the ground at those places. But by that rational, the only good shoe is a combat boot, and that's a little warm in the summer. But you can at least wear a nice tennis shoe or a sandal that doesn't sweep dirt into it as you walk.

Then there's also that whole part about flip flops actually being bad for you. No, I am not making this up. As you walk in them you have to grip with your toes, which makes your shins work too hard, you gait short and puts extra pressure on knees and hips. Seriously. Scientific study at Auburn University said so.

So in case you needed another reason to question flip flops as acceptable footwear, there's your nail in the coffin. Dirty, beer coated feet and sore knees. Screw that. I'll take my chance in a pair of platform sandals and at least get myself a few inches higher than street ooze.