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Western Inspired Makes Me Sick, and other reactions to trends

I’ve always been a little iffy on trends, and since having the twins, I have fallen into the black hole of working motherhood and I don’t know anything anymore.

My younger sister had to explain Snapchat to me last summer. Needless to say, I still don’t have one. I have just accepted that in some ways I am totally, and completely out of touch.

Who What Where always seemed a little more down to earth when it comes to trends, pricing and things like that. I mean, they have a line with Target. It doesn’t get much more consumer friendly than that. So when I saw a recent article about “7 Shoe Styles You Should Definitely Wear in 2016” I took the bait. I don’t want to be totally off trend. I am wearing clothes from last year because I’m convincing myself my body is going to get with the program and loose weight soon. I haven’t bought many shoes because I’m waiting on this amazing wardrobe I’m going to buy my new skinny body…

Jesus, I wish I hadn’t looked.

First off, sneakers are not new and d…