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The Last Word on Wedge Sneakers

I have a really hard time being casual. Mostly because being casual doesn’t generally involve heels, and I lack casual clothes, so I’m always excited when I see something casual that seems to fit my lifestyle. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw wedge sneakers. Or maybe it was trepidation. Disgust? Confusion? Fascination? It was all those things. It was one of those times when my brain was screaming no and yet there was a part of me saying, “But they’re wedges.” Yeah. They’re also sneakers, and ones that are totally non-functional at the one thing I think sneakers should be used for; working out. Most of them also have Velcro, which put me off (see previously mentioned feelings on Velcro) enough so I didn’t run out and buy them, figuring I’d probably look stupid and awkward in them, just like I look stupid and awkward in anything casual. Sure, this sounds paranoid, but it’s also totally true. You should see me in shorts. It’s weird. Not because of my legs. I actually don’t ha…

Cheeky Chicago Fashion Show

I love fashion and fashion shows, and Cheeky Chicago put on a great one with the Real People of Style event Thursday night at the 900 North Shops. I met my husband downtown after work and we headed over together, which involved pushing through tourists and him explaining his outfit choice to me, and pointing out he was wearing his reheeled pony hair shoes. I assured him that as long as he had good shoes on, I didn’t really care. We did some people watching before going in, which is always amusing for those who live in the city. Dear Husband was a lifelong South Sider up until we got married and he moved North (and if you don’t live in Chicago that means nothing to you). Either way, if you live in the city you never go downtown unless you work there or you’re shopping (and even then it’s a last resort). As we wandered through the 900 North Shops and dear husband told me how wonderful I would look in pretty much everything he saw (oblivious to the prices), we got ready for the show, wa…

Real People of Style and Real Fashion Shows

When I was five years old I was in a spring/summer fashion show and walked the runway in a rainbow striped romper with pink ties at the shoulder.  In high school I walked the runway twice in prom gowns despite the fact that I never went to prom.
Now I just sit in the audience of fashion shows and marvel at the fabulousness. So of course I couldn’t pass up Cheeky’s Real People of Style fashion show, which came with a plus one.
I asked my husband if he wanted to go with, and he agreed because I “always get dragged to stuff” by him. I told him to justify it however he wanted, and we’d have fun. Then I asked the wrong question. “Have you ever been to a fashion show?”
“Oh sure,” he answered. “They use to have ‘fashion shows’ at this bar my dad hung out in. The servers would wear lingerie, and I’d stop in and get a coke and change from him to play at the arcade. Pretty sure you could get a lap dance for a fin.”
Ummmm….I’ve never even heard of such a thing.
I assured him that this was NOT a…

Gladiator Sandals: Timeless style and new imagining

Every summer for the past few years there is the same sandal announcement.
Gladiator sandals are all the rage!
Thanks. Good to know that the ones I had last year I can still wear. Because I know we’re all worried about how in style our sandals are.
The summer of 2013 doesn’t appear to be any different, in that the strappy, buckled, stand-by can still be worn with your maxi dress (also still in style), but when you look for the gladiator sandal on the runways, red carpet and in the fashion magazines, it’s become a little more…aggressive.
Once happy with their two or three ankle straps, the new form of gladiator sandal looks like something Xena would rock in some teenager’s wet dream. The new imagining have stiletto heels and lace or buckle all the way up to the knee.
Then there are also the flat ones that make you look like you may actually be an extra for the movie Gladiator 2. And I mean that in the worst way possible. 
If you have calf fat or cankles, don’t even bother looking at t…

Mornings with Target, Prabal Gurung and Baby Stuff

I always thought it was a special kind of person who got up at the crack of dawn to go to the store. My mom used to go grocery shopping at midnight to avoid the crowds, and that made sense to me. Waking up to get to the store when it opens didn't.

Until now.

Now I know these insane freaking people outside Target at 8:00 on a Sunday morning are all one thing. Overworked adults.

Sunday morning, there I was, pulling into the Target lot, already thinking about my Starbucks order, and thanking whatever genius it was that combined Target and coffee. My whole day was mapped out.

Shop for baby shower giftGo home and paint my nailsTry on outfits and have a leisurely morning until said baby shower
My life can never be so simple. And it's almost all because of shoes.

As I wandered aimlessly through Target, clutching my coffee and trying to focus my eyes, I realized I was out of nai lpolish remover. And cotton balls. Oooh...there's new clothes. I should look at coffee makers for my new…

Castaner Espadrille Capsule Collection on Gilt

When it comes to spring and summer, there isn't any better shoe than the espadrille. Often imitated (never duplicated), the original shoe is made by Castaner, a family that started making the shoes and selling them at a market in Spain. The versatile shoe caught the eye of Yves Saint Laurent (who makes killer shoes), and the rest is history.

Now Castaner has teamed up with Gilt for an exclusive capsule collection, available Wednesday, March 6 at 9:00 pm EST.

Most often seen in its wedge form with the ballet ties, this versatile wedge has been worn by everyone from Penelope Cruz to Grace Kelly, and the flat versions have even been worn by men, including Salvador Dahli.

Gilt caught up with Isabela Castaner and talked to her about the capsule collection, the original Castaner espadrilles, how it has become a family business, what to wear espadrilles with and her favorite vacation spot.

The capsule collection, designed for Gilt, is a great way to get the ultimate spring/summer shoe tha…

Business Travel, Impulse Buying and Wine

I travel for work, and sometimes I go to places that aren't really all that glamorous. Even the largest cities in the world have those areas that are all business, and that's usually where I end up.

This last trip was no exception.

By night three I was bored, lonely, overworked and running on lack of sleep. So after a twelve hour day and a workout, I did the only thing I could think of. I ordered room service and wine.  And after more wine, and some web surfing, I decided that what I really needed to make myself feel better was a new pair of shoes.

Lucky for me I found a pair of Charles David Mary Jane pumps on sale. In beige or black. I decided that black was a necessity. Mostly because my black pumps aren't really that comfy, and they're scuffed. And I think I don't have any other black heels. Aside from those NSFW Mary Jane pumps I have from Aldo.

I'm also pretty sure that I forgot about those because I was half drunk.

The next morning, as I was eagerly awai…