Thursday, November 29, 2012

Head to Toe - With Drinks in Between

There's really nothing better than fashion and cocktails, and when it comes to fashion the accessories are really what can make or break an outfit.

That's probably why I love shoes.

The evening's purchases
Another amazing, and often ignored accessory is hats, which I love (almost as much as shoes). When I was in New Orleans this summer I fell in love with Goorin Brothers hats, so I was delighted when I found that there were a couple shops in Chicago, and even more excited when Chicago Blogger Network chose one of the Goorin Bros. stores to host a holiday party.

I brought my husband along for this one since the event was open to the public, and he loves hats.

Death's Door Spirits was there making some amazing cocktails and there were appetizers spread throughout the store. Sarah was our amazing sales associate who helped me pick out hats that I fell in love with. One after the other.

A burgundy fedora from the Peekaboo collection, black 1920s style hat with a blue stone on the band, and an amazing short top hat, appropriately called "White Rabbit."

Pretty sure I need them all. Usually I only fall in love with multiple items in a shoe store.

After a couple cocktails and a lot of conversation with my husband about which one looked cutest, I settled on the '20s style hat that I can wear almost every day well into the winter.

My dear husband, who already has a hell of a hat collection decided to forego another fedora or pork pie, and instead got a tongue in cheek trucker hat. A high-end trucker hat.

Yeah. He's mine.

Now between shoes and the hats at Goorin Bros. I've got a couple of expensive obsessions. Luckily I've got a head start on the shoes, which were admired throughout the night.

Even when I'm shopping for hats, everyone loves my shoes.

If you would like your own amazing Goorin Bros. hat head over to their website at and use the code CHIBLOGNET to get 15% off. Or if you're more into shopping in the store, mention the code at the register to recieve your 15% off. The code is good until December 24th.

Kate Spade on Gilt - Just in Time for the Holidays

If you're looking for a fab gift for your mom or sister, want to give a not-so-subtle hint to your significant other, or want to treat yourself, there's a hell of a Kate Spade sale on Gilt today starting at 11:00 am. 

Everyone needs a new bag
Dresses, jewelry, bags, and (of course) shoes, all hundreds of dollars off their original price. 
Hundreds. As in save three digits. How can you pass that up? 

I'm personally already obsessing over a couple bags. The Chambers Street Carlyle Satchel - $169 (original $368) and the Mansfilled Liv Satchel - $239 (original $428).

When it comes to shoes, I'm drooling over the leopard print Devon Satin Pump -$135 (original $298).

Shoes galore
The dresses and jewelry are to die for too. Even if you're not the biggest Kate Spade fan in the world, but there's something here for everyone. Some of the items are even hand-picked by Deborah Loyd, president and creative director of Kate Spade.

So set the alarms on your phones, add an appointment to your calendar, and move around your meetings, because this sale starts at 11 and won't last long. 

Go to to start shopping the sale, or click here if you still need to become a member of Gilt.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Are Platforms Over?

Manolo Blahnik has never made his dislike of platforms a secret. He has called them "suspicious" and said they're the wrong shape for a woman's leg.

Lucky for Manolo (and the rest of us, in his opinion), it looks like shoes may be getting a little shorter as "zero sole" shoes have started to pop up all over.

Kandee Shoes takes off the platform.
I love platforms. I was married in platforms, I wear them to work, to bars dinner, family functions...really there's nothing that platforms aren't perfect for.

Except maybe walking.

When I first started wearing heels the zero platforms were in style, and it's what I fell in love with. Since zero platform shoes have started to pop up in stores again I have been buying them up like crazy because I have to admit that I still love them.

Easier to walk in than platform heels, they do create a good look for the leg and are easier to balance in.  For me they also conjure up images of women in power suits and seem like the ultimate in sexy and powerful shoes.

But that's just me.

Sam Edelman asked me what I thought of
the zero platform. I love them.  
Despite the growing popularity of zero platform heels, I don't think platforms are going anywhere. On the contrary, I think them and their towering heights are here to stay, which is a good thing. For one, because I have a closet full of them and if they were suddenly all out of style I'd be screwed. But for two, because there are certain types of shoes that just look better with a platform of any height. Peep toes, for example. Imagine walking on a zero platform peep toe and all the crap that would get into the toe.


The two type of heels will just have to learn to coexist, which is like doubling your heel options.

Another good thing is that heels with no platform bring you back down to normal heights. Suddenly you're not taller than all the men (though I never have this problem), and walking is a little easier. Legs look long and lean, and you can add that hip sway without worrying about losing your balance. And in the event you do fall, at least there's not as far to go.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Metallic Shoes as Neutrals

Sparkles always become a big thing around the holidays, but this fall metallics have been seeping into heels for everyday wear.

Giuseppe Zanotti perfection
I love metallic heels, and think that gold or silver can easily be worn as an everyday shoe. Treat them as  neutrals, only with a little more pizazz.

Silver heels can be incorporated into anything with a gray base very easily. After all, silver is just gray with some shine. You can also cap off a great pair of white pants or a dress with silver shoes, or put them with anything black to dress it up a little.

Gold can also be paired with black, and you can tie it all together with some amazing accessories. It can also tie together a brown/black combo if you don't have a tortoiseshell option, or are simply looking for something different.

Of course either of these choices are seamlessly paired with flashy holiday sweaters that have gold or silver threaded through them or have metallic accents.
All my metallic shoes. I think. 

If you're tired of gold or silver and want your metallic a little more colorful there are colored metallic options. If you like your blues or reds a little more shiny, then there are metallic colors available in what's essentially lame.

It's classier than it sounds. I promise.

If you're not into all the shine of a metallic shoe, then get one with just a touch of shine. There are some amazing cap toe heels available with gold or silver toes, and some island platforms have just metallic platforms. I have a great pair of black heels with a gold platform from Fergie Footwear that are absolutely fantastic and dress up just about anything.

If you're still obsessed with metallic shoes, but can't seem to find the right outfit, then just default to a pair of jeans. Boot cut or skinny, it's all up to you. Take your pick and step out with a little bit of shiny.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pinup Shoes

Since Mad Men hit the airwaves a few years ago the pinup look has had a massive resurgence and is still a look women aspire to again.

Pinup can be a great look, and can be really classy. There are some great clothes available too by retro-inspired brands like Pinup Girl Clothing. One of the best parts of these retro looks is that pencil skirts, button down tops, circle skirts and sweaters can be dressed up for a night out or made perfectly work appropriate.

The platform gives this an updated look.
I'm always looking for things I can wear in multiple parts of my life, and try not to always look like I'm at work (even though I'm always at work).

The thing that really can make or break the look though, (in my opinion) is the shoes. I know that really shocks you, this being a shoe blog and all.

But really, a pair of shoes can complete a look or send everything to hell, and when you're trying to create a specific look it's even more important.

If you're trying to look like an extra in Mad Men, one safe shoe will always be the peep toe. The classic peep with red polished toes is a can't lose, and can be paired with anything from skirts to pants and look amazing.

When choosing heels, if you're going for an authentic look then choose something without a platform and with a low to moderate heel. I don't mean kitten heel, but the six inch heels aren't necessarily historically accurate.

I actually think I own all three of these shoes. 
That's not to say that you can't update the classic look with a more daring and modern shoe. I love the look of a towering platform stiletto with a pencil skirt or pair of cigarette pants. It's something you have to be careful with though because it can look a little vampy. That's awesome if you're on a dinner date, but not as awesome if you're in the boardroom.

Wedges are also an option, but need to be exercised with a little more caution. A pair of fun wedges can look great with some capris, but with a circle skirt it can make your lower leg look a little bigger than it really is and creates a blocky look at the bottom of your leg.

Looking like you're wearing cement blocks on your feet is never good.

Pinup is an easy look, it's a good look, and it fits girls with almost any body type (but please buy clothes in your real size- fitted not tight), and you can wear so many different type of shoes. As long as it's something sleek, and heeled, anything else goes. Color, print, vamp, pitch, pick what you like because it's all fair game. Just remember to sway your hips a little when you walk. A little hip sway can go a long way no matter what you're wearing.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sales and the Classy Companies

Over the last week Hurricane Sandy tore into the East Coast and totally ravaged her way through the Caribbean and into New York and New Jersey.

I was traveling to the West Coast on business when the hurricane hit, and I watched closely, keeping in contact with friends in New York and New Jersey for as long as they had a cell phone battery. Twitter and Facebook also kept me updated on what was going on as residents posted pics and updates. It also gave me the opportunity to see marketing at its best and worst.

I’m in marketing and business development. It’s what I do for a living, and I’m pretty good at it. I also don’t think that you need to be good at it to know that a natural disaster is NOT the thing to try and capitalize on to drive sales.

These people aren't worried about shopping. 
I watched in horror Monday as “Sandy Sales” popped up all over the web. 20% off for people stuck inside shopping, and special discounts for people on the East Coast. Because I bet they had nothing better to do than shop for new a new top. 

There were even some fitness companies giving some workout tips for those people stuck inside during the hurricane. Because when the Hudson River is approaching your door, you want to make sure your abs are tight. 

People sometimes lack class. Whenever there's a disaster there are people who make inappropriate jokes, but people are not companies, and I feel like companies should be held to a higher standard than the individual. 

For a company to make crass jokes, offer sales with inappropriate names, or otherwise use a disaster to promote their products and services is in poor taste, and companies should really hold themselves to a higher standard. The fact that some of the companies are apparel companies and New York is the fashion capital of the Unites States seems even worse. 

Subway trains don't run in this.
It's like kicking your enemy when they're down. 

Plenty of other companies dealt with the hurricane with class. I received numerous emails from companies who were sending well wishes to those affected by the hurricane, giving updates as to the status of their stores, warehouses and employees.

You can’t bitch about not getting your wrap dress when the people who work in the shipping department can’t get to work because the subway flooded.

Disasters are a time when people tend to show their true colors. Some people pull together and make the best of it, and others prey on the weak. Companies are no different. The thing you need to know though is what kind of company you’re buying from. Not all of them are all good, and none of them are all bad, but with social media and the scrutiny of the world, you must tread lightly when it comes to these things. Disasters can create all kinds of opportunity; just make sure that as a company you’re not marginalizing what people are going through in the name of profits.