Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Shoes Bore Me

The 2013 Oscars will probably fade away into the annals of history as one of the most boring Oscars ever. There wasn't any huge scandal. No one showed up almost naked. There were no outrageous outfits made of feathers or pop tops or paper mache.
Zoe Saldana's heels were a win. 


It's really a shame because I was really hoping for something great with Seth MacFarland. Instead we got a song about boobs that has women up in arms, and a bunch of songs that aren't relevant. 

Sorry Oscars, but Chicago, Dream Girls and Goldfinger are all years old. There seriously weren't any new songs in movies over the last 12 months other than "Skyfall?"

Everything was sparkly and cute, but I have to say that there were a lot of heels that seemed dyed to match or just generally uninspired.

Anne Hathaway went with a silverish satin heel with her pink Prada and no bra. The ankle straps were possibly the best part of that outfit.

Zoe Saldana wore a great pair of black Roger Vivier Le Smoking sandals with bows at the ankle and top of the foot. Loved them.

Love the shoes but not with the dress.
The matchy-matchy group was there last night too. Kerry Washington was all orange, Jennifer Garner dyed to match, and Jessica Chastain was champagne to her toes. Jennifer Hudson wore an amazing pair of blue Giuseppee Zanotti peep toes that just didn't seem to go with her dress.

Then there were the ladies that just went with the black heel, which is the shoe equivalent of not knowing what to wear.

I would also like someone to please introduce Adele to footless Spanx. The fact that I could tell she was wearing nude hose when she was singing ruined something for me. It also ruined her glitter Louboutins and made her look like she had cankels.

There were a lot of good shoes at the Oscars too, and the after party shoes were even better. But in the future it would be nice if the stars can step it up a little in the shoe and dress department. If not then they should start inviting Cher again just so there's finally an outfit to really talk about.
Anne Hathaway

Adele has cankles

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Seeing Through Heels

Once only for strippers, lucite heels have come down from the pole, shortened their heels, and teamed up with some amazing leathers and textures and pranced right into the mainstream.

My favorite lucite heel this season
I actually bought a pair of lucite heels from Aldo a few years ago, and still love them. They're a gray smokey heel with red metallic leather. Aside from the fact that they're metallic red, they always attracted attention for having a lucite heel that didn't look like it is paired best with a thong.

This spring lucite is going to be everywhere. Already popping up from brands like Miista, Via Spiga, Casadi, Kate Spade and Sigerson Morrison you can see them in everything from heels to wedges and in a variety of colors and shapes.

Rose colored wedges from
Via Spiga
My favorite (aside from the ones I own) is the Tara from Miista. The heel looks like cut glass, and has blue and yellow in it, and collects and reflects colors like a prisim. The shoe itself looks either like a watercolor floral print or like blood on rocks. And I mean that in the best way possible, because these are awesome. It's all topped off with an ankle strap.

How on trend can one shoe be?

Another fun look is the lucite wedge. Usually in colors, it gives an unexpected look because no one expects to be able to see through the wedge.

Of course there is still the clear lucite heel, if you're more of a traditionalist. One of my personal favorites is on the Jeffrey Campbell Lita. The clear heel is such an amazing contrast to the black leather.

Of course if you're just looking for a pair of traditional stripper heels, those are still available as well. They're just not as fabulous as everything else that's out there now, so I'm really not sure why you'd even bother. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Boxes, Racks and the Right Choice

Friday I recieved a question via text that is the unanswerable shoe question.

Shoe boxes...keep them or pitch them?

Well, isn't that one just a total bitch to answer. Mostly because there's no right answer.

This is awesome, but it's not full of heels. 
Some people love shoe boxes. Being able to easily stack and organize shoes is great. But, as some people pointed out when I posted the question to Facebook and Twitter followers, the boxes take up a lot more space than shoes on shelves or racks.

Two Facebook followers said that keeping the heels stored in their original boxes was the way to go. One said that the boxes are a great way to keep dust off you fabulous shoes. Another one noted that the boxes help shoes keep their value, so when you finally sell them to make room for new shoes they still have some value.

I should really look into that whole selling my shoes on eBay thing. More room for shoes sounds kinda awesome.

A Twitter follower noted that shoe boxes take up too much space and shelves are perfect in his view.

Then there's this.
In reality my shoe closet is a combination of racks, boxes and mayhem. I have some racks, but my really tall shoes don't fit. I have a shoe cubby, but anything with a heel over 3 inches (everything) doesn't fit. I have shoes hanging on racks on the front of shelves, shoes in bins that are eternally ignored because I don't wear them and don't have the heart to part with them. Then there's the piles of shoe boxes that are some kind of deadly, heel infused Jenga, just waiting to pop open and stab me with a stilletto.

My closet as featured in Fuzion.
It's covered in shoes
My closet was actually pictured in Fuzion Magazine a few months ago. They interviewed me about my shoe collection and shoed the insanity that is my closet.

Currently I'm actually working on redesiging and reorganizing my closet and I am trying to find the correct answer to the eternal question between shoe boxes and racks.

Either way though, try to do something that works for you, displays your shoes, makes them easy to find, and hopefully doesn't threaten to stab you when you're trying to pick a pair to complete your outfit.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Shoe Drawer to the Rescue

I get teased for keeping a drawer of shoes at work. Not by other women, because they totally understand, but when my IT guy comes up and wants to see the laptop I travel with and I open a drawer full of shoes and one laptop, there are comments.

This zipper is screwed. 
Well, as of today all you who don't understand and give me funny looks can kiss my ass because that shoe drawer came in handy when my beloved (and worn) Kensie boots decided to drop dead at the office.

When I was zipping up my boots this morning I noticed that there was a little irregularity in the zipper and it caught. So I did what we would all do, and I forced the zipper closed, knowing this probably wouldn't end well and praying it would get through the day.

Those boots didn't make it to my second cup of coffee.

I looked down to check on them and the zipper split. I said a bad word (shocking), unzipped the boot and a small shower of zipper teeth came tumbling to the floor and the zipper came off the track.

The death knell sounded for my beloved black Kensie boots.

Collections of shoes totally paid off. 
Immediately I started to panic. What would I do? My boot won't stay on if it's not zipped, and I don't have another pair of black boots at the office. Or at home. Fuck. I don't have any boots, maybe at all. This may have been the only pair of boots I have at all ever in the history of my closet. Do I have enough money right now to go buy new ones at Nordstrom? Plus I'm wearing a black and tan striped jersey dress and the boots were part of the outfit. What the hell am I going to do?

Shoe drawer to the rescue.

For some reason the selection there kind of sucked though. Gray pumps, purple tweed peep toes, burgundy patent and suede Mary Janes and a black patent peep toe with a giant ribbon on them from Paris Hilton. I borrowed the heels from my friend Kat (with a K) like a year ago and never gave them back. I don't even know how they got to the office.

I have on a black patent leather belt, so it matches in that way, but they're peep toes and I'm wearing tights. Luckily they're the kind that's more of a missing toe of the shoe and not the peep that would show how shitty my pedicure looks.
Bows to the rescue. 

Now wildly unhappy with my day because my boots broke, I hate my shoes with this dress, and I didn't get a call I was expecting (I have such bougie problems), I resign to the fact that I will spend a whole day wearing shoes that don't go with my outfit.

So what happens as I'm on my way to a meeting? I get a compliment on my shoes. And not only my shoes, but the shoes with the dress. Apparently it looked great, which I wouldn't know because we don't have a full length mirror at the office, and I was all concerned about my shit pedicure and tights.

By the end of the day the only problem that remained is the fact that I still don't have a pair of black boots. I guess it's time to start looking for some. In the meantime I'll have to take those Paris Hilton heels back to the office because apparently they come in handy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Heart On Heels

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if your anything like me, you could give a shit.

I am obsessed with these Taylor Says heels. 
Seriously. My husband asked asked me last week if we were going to dinner or something, and I told him I had a dentist appointment.

Total wife fail.

Instead we'll probably eat dinner when I get home from the dentist, have a few cocktails (more than normal), indulge in dessert, and call it a day. (And yes, I am leaving out a few other details of the evening).

I am thinking that we should exchange gifts though. Mostly because I have seen some amazing heels inspired by Valentine's Day and I'm pretty sure I should order some for me from him.

Yeah, I'm romantic.

My absolute favorite are Royal Hearts by Taylor Says. If you have missed heels by this great artists and designer, get ready for a new obsession.

The turquoise or black patent leather heels have a red glitter heart on the toe and a fabulous Queen of Hearts painting on the soles. I can't love these enough for being glittery, sky scraper heels available in offbeat colors.

Vivienne Westwood. 
If you're looking for something a little more cutsey there's the Melissa Vivienne Westwood pump is made of PVC and has a great heart on the toe. It's all big and crazy, making it an amazing shoe that will immediately be noticed and remembered. And they're available in all kinds of fabulous, jelly bean colors.

Take the whole heart thing a level higher with Charlotte Olympia and her Love Me heels. Available in red or white(ish) they are made of hearts and have her signature island platform. Yep. How Valentine's-Freaking-Day awesome is that? Plus they have a great name that makes me think of that old Cardigan's song from the '90s.

Hearts aren't just for stupid holidays anymore. 
Have a good time getting that one out of your head.

With shoes as fabulous as these you don't have to be romantic, have a significant other, or even remember that it's Valentine's Day to enjoy these fabulous shoes. Hearts are a year round kind of thing, and don't have anything to do with being romantic. At least not in my mind.

Then again, what do I know?  I'm the one who made a dentist appointment on Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sam, Kate and Chemical Reactions

Everyone knows I love Sam Edelman heels. Especially after I met him and he was a fabulous and charming man. It just made me feel better about buying all his shoes.

I totally sit around my apartment like this. 
Now he's taking his charm, marketing saavy and love of shoes to another level, casting Kate Upton in a sexy, heel filled campaign.

I have to admit, the fact that Kate Upton was chosen for the campaign made my day. The bombshell model is one of the few out there with a little curve. There is actually a difference between her waist and hips, and she has breasts.

She's not a "regular" girl, but she's awesome looking, and perfectly embodies the sex appeal that is inherent in heels.

The video for the campaign is steamy and sexy. It's shot in black and white in the ultimate New York apartment with the skyline peeking through the giant picture windows. Upton traipses through the apartment like a girl in a new pair of shoes, and then wanders through a room full of shoes.

It's totally like my life, except I'm not a model, live in Chicago (and the skyline quite isn't outside my window), I'm overworked, a little drunk, and my room (or whole apartment) full of shoes is all heels, waiting to trip my drunk-ass and impale a heel into some part of my body.

And knowing my luck it would probably be one of my Sam Edelman heels. Oh the irony.

More photos and an interview with Sam Edelman about the campaign are available on the Daily Mail. He discusses the campaign, why he chose a model that resembles a real person, and how heels create a chemical reaction. Proving once again just how much he understands women and shoes.