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Hello Lover - SJP Shoes Debut at Nordstrom

"Hello lover."

The Diana pump is a must-have. 
It's perhaps my favorite line ever uttered on Sex in the City, and it was to a pair of shoes. It's the line that summed up one woman's obsession with footwear and that runs through my head every time I see that "oh my god, can't live without them" pair of heels. Which is like every time I go shopping.

Now, Sarah Jessica Parker has channeled her inner Carrie Bradshaw and her own love of shoes, and Nordstrom.
released a line of shoes and handbags, appropriately titled SJP. And, while we all knew this was coming, now they're actually available at

Sarah Jessica Parker made a stop at the Nordstrom across the street from my office on Friday, but due to the fact that I'm 36 weeks pregnant with twins, and haven't seen my feet in over a month (plus the swelling, not being able to walk a block, and so on), I had to skip my chance to meet her and the opportunity to try on the shoes.

No point in trying on shoes when my feet are swollen because of
Carrie comes in colors

Instead, I'll wait until I am back to buying shoes again before trying any on. At $300 a pair, they're more affordable than Carrie's beloved Manolo's, but still expensive enough that you're going to want to make sure you can wear them for more than a minute. Plus there's more than just one pair that I am already obsessed with.

For starters, there's the Diana pump, which is part of my endless search for the perfect black pump. With it's pointed toe and diagonal strap detail, it may be the perfect black pump for me.

Also on he "I need it" list is the appropriately titled Carrie t-strap pump, and the Tanny ankle strap pump.

For those of you a little less obsessed with pumps than I am, there are also some amazing espadrilles, strappy sandals (don't get them stolen), sensible but stylish sandals, and a really cool lace up bootie by the name of Alison.

As for the opportunity to meet Sarah Jessica Parker and the opportunity to bond over shoes and twins, I guess that will just have to wait.  Hopefully one day she'll come back and I'll be a little more mobile, definitely less pregnant, and maybe I can even take the twins out to meet a style icon.