Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New Directions

I'm finally giving up and giving in.  This blog is about to change.

When Cat in Heels started in 2010 it was supposed to tell the stories of my shoes and my life. My stories. As time went on I focused on trends too. As time continued I got married, continued in my career, and most recently had twin girls. Now my heels don't go on many drunken adventures. They go to work, come home, take care of babies, get chewed on by babies (don't judge me), and my life in general is different. 

My blog has not reflected that, and I believe it has suffered. So starting now Cat in Heels is again
S & D at Christmas.
They pulled their shoes off and chewed on them.
about Cat. Of course my shoes will be featured, but so will my life in all its hilarious messiness (figuratively speaking. Husband is a neat freak). 

Having twins, having a career, a marriage, and still an identity all my own is what you will see here. I'll even include the days I wear flats, just to really showcase how much life has changed.

I'll also talk about my girls, D and S. They're a riot, and most days when I come home from work they're smarter and bigger than when I left in the morning because babies really do grow up at some kind of warp speed. They're standing, playing, fighting, crawling, and trying to talk and walk. Soon enough I am going to be buying shoes for them as well.

So here's to new journeys, new directions and a new year. And to catching up on all the shoes that I got for Christmas that I haven't yet shown you because I'm chasing babies. 

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