Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Comfy in Heels?

I love being told about comfy shoes.

Believe it or not this happens to me a lot; as in a couple times a week. It's usually led up to with someone saying, "Oh my god. I love those shoes but I could never walk in those. How do you walk in those? Don't your feet hurt? My feet hurt just looking at your feet in those shoes."

Well, sorry that your feet are so damn sensitive that they hurt just looking at my shoes, but seriously, grow a pair. They're my shoes, not yours. I didn't walk up to you and ask how you could possibly show your face in public while wearing Crocs, and those are way more offensive than the highest heel I own.

I wear these because they match my pants. 
After I explain that yes, my feet feel pain, and yes, I am insane enough to choose the way I look over comfort, and yes, I realize that may not always be the case but I am not ready to give into something "comfy" I get a look like I'm insane and obviously don't know what I'm talking about or what I'm doing to my feet.

Let's just clear all that up right now. I totally know what I'm doing to my feet. Lucky for me I was given small feet and small toes, so they squish up well into shoes.

I also used to dance (like in a company, not on a pole). If you think heels are rough on feet you should see the torture some of my instructors would subject us to. At the end of the day my feet aren't bleeding when I pull off my heels, which means they're not that badly beat up. I can't say the same for ballet shoes. As for bunions, I've just been lucky so far. Some girls are.

I also love my heels. I have visions of me prancing across the street in slow-motion like Sarah Jessica Parker in the Sex and the City intros. Walking that clacking power-walk of stilettos through the halls of my office, signifying my arrival. Hiking me up an extra few inches so that the world can't tell I'm actually pretty short....

Does this mean I don't own any "comfy" shoes at all? Maybe, maybe not. I know I've let it slip that I own a pair of Dr. Martens, and I'll also let you know that I have slippers, but they never ever leave the house. I'm just not that kind of girl.

So next time you want to wear heels out, do it. Screw comfy. And if your feet hurt, stop to get a drink. Booze totally helps wash the pain away.

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Hallie said...

Love it! Whenever anyone asks me "how do you walk in those," i just say "PROUDLY!"

Cute shoes, too :)

Happy Holidays!
x Hallie