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Sparkle Beyond the Holidays

It’s the holidays. To most people that means an additional 10 pounds and the excuse to dress like that crazy aunt from your childhood who always wore too much perfume and was never at a holiday party without head to toe sparkles and velvet on.

Right now, I am telling you that is no longer going to fly (and I'm pretty sure I'm becoming that crazy aunt).

These Louboutin's are not just for Christmas
Now it's time to embrace the crazy, sparkly side of yourself. Right now, raise your right hand and swear to me that you are not going to buy some dress or shoes make of sequins and glitter just for Christmas and New Year’s, only to then abandon it in all it's glittery glory to collect dust somewhere in the recesses of your closet, right next to the collection of clothes that you can't return because you can't figure out where they came from.

If you have the balls to wear glitter, sequins, and otherwise channel the Times Square ball at the holidays, you have to do it all year round. If you can’t then hang up your sequins and put your sweater-dress and pearls back on.

I have a lot of shiny stuff. Skirts, tops, sweaters, a headband I never wore, scarves, a pair of gloves I managed to lose, coats and, of course, shoes. The difference is my glitter and sparkle is a year-round thing. The likelihood that you will find one or more body parts adorned in something metallic is equally good on any of the 365 days of the year. Sequins are just as likely to show up on Easter as it is on Christmas for me. Remember, bunnies like sparkles as much as Baby Jesus (hint: neither one gives a shit).

Today, I am wearing a gold and black tweed skirt at the office. Not because it’s the holidays, but because I really like this skirt. I can't even remember where I got it, but it's awesome. It will also be making post-holiday appearances, hopefully with a new pair of black heels with a gold platform (Fergie Footwear sent me a link to a great pair on my Facebook page).

So embrace your inner magpie and don’t waste money on a sequin dress just for New Years Eve, or gold shoes that are only for Christmas. Bust out the glittery dress again for your cousin’s wedding this spring and switch up the accessories. Wear the gold shoes with a black suit, and give your office something to talk about other than the crappy bonuses everyone got this year.

The holidays are a time of year, not a fashion excuse. Either embrace the sparkle in your personality or let it shimmer out, because it’s just not fair to keep sequins and metallic hidden in the closet.