Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Heels and Sports (and some flats)

If you were in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs last night (or anywhere in Boston) you know that the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.

For the record, my dog was not very happy with the neighbor’s celebration when they won. Luckily,
Knicks fans need these. 

everyone else was and the city, suburbs and my Facebook feed became full of people talking about their love of hockey, the Blackhawks, and saying mean things about Boston.

Never much of a sports fan, I actually enjoy watching hockey, but with a whole house to put together, I was hanging shelves and not watching the game. Still, I have to be happy when one of my home-town Chicago teams wins, and I posted a pair of Blackhawk heels to show my support.

Facebook loves sports, and shoes, and my messages were blowing up with people wondering where I found them.

Cowboys can wear flats
Etsy my friends. You can find just about anything there, and if you can’t find it chances are you can find someone to make it for you (or it’s illegal). Some of the fun ones I found include Glitter Me Badd, Made by Bunny, Salvatore Style and Chelsie Dey Designs.

In addition to a fab pair of red suede Blackhawks heels (who is getting them shipped here in time for the parade?) there are other teams available too. And other sports. Which is good since hockey is generally something 99% of people don’t care about.

There’s heels for colleges, basketball, baseball, and they’re made of jewels, painted, decoupage, and any combination of the above. There are even a few pair of flats available if you search long enough.

In reviewing them, I didn’t even know what half the teams played, or where they’re from, so I’ll spare you all my ignorance in trying to mention it all, and instead you can check
Bedazzled by Bunny
them out yourselves.

Some of my personal favorites include the Celtics because I like green and the Knicks, because it’s a boot and that was cool. And for those of you who love football, but don’t want to wear your team on your feet, there’s a pair of football inspired heels that keep it nice a neutral on game day.  

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