Thursday, June 6, 2013

SJP Takes the Step into Shoes

I would like to be a celebrity because they get to do whatever they want.

I don't mean that in an Amanda Bynes, bad wigs and bong tossing kind of way (though that
If this is what we can expect, I'm sold.
doesn't seem to be working out well for her), or even the more philanthropic Angelina Jolie saving babies kind of way (because seriously, what would I do with that many kids?). I mean it in the "why can't I team up with an established company and be a designer?" kind of way.

Sarah Jessica Parker is the most recent celebrity to announce she is launching her own line of shoes, bags and coats. She's teaming up with George Malkemu, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, and launching the collection, appropriately named "SJP."

The collection will be available exclusively at Nordstrom (because apparently Macy's is for Madonna's stuff), and will also include bags and a few coats.

The price points will be the higher end of affordable, with single-sole pumps and flats will range from around $200 to $300, and bags will likely sell for under $700.

Of course she has discussed color and says that the shoes will be everything you always wanted in your closet. And if you didn't know you wanted it, after seeing the shoes and having her name on them, you will suddenly realize it's a shoe you always wanted and needed.

Happens to me every freaking time I shop. Especially at Nordstrom.

Admittedly, I am more intrigued by this collection than many other celebrity collections. I
Fabulously simple
mean, do we really think that Madonna approves every shoe for her Truth or Dare line, or that Carlos Santana has anything to do with designing the shoes for his line, Carlos?

That doesn't make them bad, and I love (and own) shoes from both those celebrity lines, but the fact that SJP actually has a hand in designing the shoes makes them that much more intriguing, and desirable, to me.

The fact that she's always amazingly dressed doesn't really hurt either.

SJP admitted that Carrie Bradshaw and all her shoes had something to do with this as well. After all, it was announced on the 15 year anniversary of the airing of Sex and the City, and there was nothing Carrie loved more than a good pair of shoes.

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