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Cat in Flats?

I now own flats.

Two pair to be precise. One pair of fab Dolce Vita loafers with leopard tassels, and a pair of pointy-toe, studded flats. The most amazing part of these purchases? I intend to wear them. Like all day.

Cat in Heels will soon need to transition to Cat in Flats.

No, I have not had some kid of irreparable foot damage, hurt my knee again, or inexplicably decided to shun my heels forever. It's because I am pregnant...with twins.

All my recent shoe purchases. All in black.
I need to get a little color going here. 
You can let that sink in for a moment. I've had 15 weeks to get used to it. That was after the initial shock of it all, which still hasn't fully worn off.

Being pregnant is also the reason I haven't been posting as much. I'm usually a night owl and do most of my writing and posting at night. Instead I've been eating dinner and falling asleep on the couch, leaving my husband sitting and wondering what the hell to do with his evening since he can't talk to his wife.

Seriously, these babies have been sucking the life out of me.

Finally I'm getting a little energy back, which is good because I now no longer fit into my normal clothes, and so there's been quite a bit of shopping as I find things that go with leggings, expand my sweater dress collection and try to find a bra that fits my now porno-sized breasts. While I realize I will soon be the size of a house and will eventually need maternity clothes, I'm not there quite yet.

Yeah, there's totally two of them.
Chasing twins is stilettos will be hard. 
So in my recent shopping sprees I decided that I should probably just accept my inevitable fate, and bought some flats. I went for cute, stylish, and slip on. I think slip on will probably be a good thing considering I will probably lose sight of my feet around month six. Plus my mom has been telling me I need to wear flats so I don't fall over. I promised her I would. Eventually. Now I can say I am prepared for the day that eventuality appears.

I promise to keep posting about shoes and heels in the coming months, and no babies will not take over my life. This will not become a mommy blog, and I will not post all about flats.  But, since this is my blog and pretty much all about me, my life and stuff I like and don't, there will be pregnancy updates, Twitter rants, prayers that my ankles don't swell up like balloons, and everyone needs to keep their fingers crossed that my feet don't change size.

Let's just perish that thought right now. Seriously, that would be awful.

I also would love advice from any moms out there. This is my first (and last) pregnancy, and I apparently got the bonus package, which pretty much means I'm flying blind here. Luckily I'm doing it in some amazing shoes.


Congratulations Cat! I'm so happy for you. 2x to love. Also congrats on the flats. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. Very cute. I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of them. Slip-ons are a great choice. All the best! @impeccableimage
Cat said…
Thanks so much. It's definitely going to be an interesting journey, regardless of what kind of shoes I'm wearing.