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Halloween Heels

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it's a great excuse to wear some amazing clothes, and I don't mean costumes.

While Halloween used to be all about costumes, now it's graduated to other things. There are those lame t-shirts that flip up and show everyone your belly and a picture of a werewolf face. There's the shirts or dresses that have a skeleton on them...and then there's the shoes. Which are the clothes made for Halloween that don't suck.

I would wear these all the time. 
Charlotte Olympia has released an entire Halloween collection (because she has a collection for every holiday), and it's awesome. She has added fangs to her classic kitty loafers, put bats all over the Dolly island platform to create the Midnight Dolly, has a pair of pumpkin loafers, a pumpkin purse, bat clutch, and the absolutely amazing purple Nocturnal sandal with an island platform, ankle strap and a bat on the toe.

More shoes should have bats. I would seriously wear these all year round.

Iron Fist, which has spooky shoes year-round, has just released two new platforms to go with the Zombie Stompers, Nightmare heels, and wolf-shoes (all of which I own).
Soul Stealer

The devil in literally in the details and on the shoe on the Soul Stealer, which comes  complete with horns and a bow. Because nothing goes better with the devil's teeth and horns than a delightful, flouncy bow.

There's also the amazing and must have (seriously, I'm ordering these) Misfits peep toe platform. The shoe is actually OK'd by the band, and features the iconic Crimson Ghost, and of course a bow. This time in neon yellow.

Every Misfits fan needs these.
Because again, the Misfits and bows make nothing but sense.

This Halloween mix it up a little and make Halloween about a little more than zombie makeup or dressing like a slut, and spend the weeks before wearing some kick ass shoes that celebrate the holiday. The best part is when Halloween is over you can still rock the Misfits heels or the fang kitty loafers and rock the spooky look all year long.