Sunday, November 10, 2013

Accessory Obsession and Mimosa Envy

Shopping galore.
Since finding out about my impending bundles of joy, and therefore my expanding waistline, I decided that investing in clothes over the next few months is a bad idea. Unless of course it's something that can be worn with leggings or the dreaded maternity clothes (and I'm trying to buy as few of those as possible).

Because of my newfound appreciation of black clothes, I jumped at the chance to go to RM Champagne Salon on Saturday to check out a sale with t+j Designs and Henry & Belle.

Denim and I aren't really getting along these days (which is a shame because those black on black brocade jeans were calling to me), but I made my sister tag along with me for company and just to hang out, and she can appreciate denim. I just need to expand my accessories collection because it helps draw attention away from my expanding midsection, makes the monochrome clothes look a little more exciting, and I'm afraid my feet will grow so I've slowed down the shoe buying.

Obsessed with these.
Never one to arrive late to anything, I got there right at noon (along with a few other eager shoppers) and got the chance to see the first wave of merchandise they put out. From basic chains to large statement necklaces, jewlery fit for formalwear to everyday, it was all there, and was of course fabulous.

I also got the chance to speak with Tiffany and Jen (the T and J behind the name) and got some maternity fashion tips from Jen (blogger of Red Soles and Red Wine), who is also expecting.

Statement necklaces never went anywhere.
We also got the chance to have a few bites from RM Champagne Salon, and while my sister enjoyed a mimosa, I sipped orange juice and looked on in envy.

With so many amazing pieces to choose from, I had to be somewhat logical about it, and picked out a fab necklace that will be able to be worn with tons of stuff. I'd show you, but it's currently being kept by my sister, who decided it would make a great Christmas gift, and I can wait a month for it.

Perfect day to evening pieces
I guess that means I can do more shopping on my own too, and check out some of the great stuff on the t+j website to tide me over until Christmas.

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