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Getting the Boot

Recently I have been getting a lot of questions about boots. Everything from where to find boots for various calf sizes, to what height is best.

The funny thing is all of these things are very personal, and pretty easy to figure out or find.

I recently did a post on boots for women with larger calves. You can read it here. But, there's also women out there who have naturally skinny legs, and sometimes they're as miserable as those of us with man-calves.

Instead of not being able to find anything that zips, they can't find anything to create a snug fit. Instead
Michael Kors
being forced to buy boots that gap at the top or inappropriately slouch, creating a totally different look than the one originally envisioned. 

Really, is there anyone out there that has the perfect sized calves for knee-high boots?

For those of you with naturally slender legs, I suggest buying stiffer boots that have a zipper up the side or the back of the boot. This will keep the boot standing (and not slouching), creating the look you want. A little bit of space between the top of the boot and your leg is fine. It also allows for you to wear jeans and leggings tucked into the boots much easier than many other girls.

A wider boot can also make your legs appear a bit more broad, balancing out your top and bottom, which is a good thing in the winter, especially if bulky sweaters and layering is your thing.  

As for height, that's totally personal, and I think the sky is the limit.

I love boots of all different heights. Ankle boots are great for those days that you just want to throw on
Knee high perfection
a pair of jeans, or you need something that gives a little lift under a pant.

Mid-calf boots can be amazing with dresses and leggings in the fall and winter, and I personally always have at least one pair. I usually wear them so much they wear out every year. This year I opted for a pair of suede boots that can slouch or fold, but I slouch them most of the time just because it's easier.

Knee high boots have become a classic, and you can wear them with anything from dresses and skirts, to jeans and leggings. The only limitation is your calf size, which is something that is becoming less and less of an obstacle as shoe makers figure out that women don't all have a 16 inch calf circumference.

Over the knee or thigh high boots are often the trickiest of them all. If the heel is too high, they can look a little too sexy for everyday wear. You also have to use caution when picking a skirt to pair them with. There can be a thin line between trendy and sexy and street walker.

If you are one of the few people out there blessed with the perfect sized legs, pairing over the knee boots with skinny jeans looks amazing. I saw a girl the other day with a mid-heel, black leather boot on
These are perfect for skirts and dresses
with jeans, a sweater and moto jacket, and she looked like she just stepped out of a magazine. I spent days being jealous of her ability to effortlessly wear that outfit and fit in those boots like they were made for her legs.

If you decide to go over the knee with a lower heel or flat heel, make sure you have long legs. Because boots create additional lines, they can cut you off at all the wrong places, and sometimes make you appear shorter than you are. Still, this is a great look, and there are some really amazing boots out there that carry a more casual feeling, but are still totally on-trend.

Boots have become almost as versatile as pumps, with so many different heights, styles and materials, you can pretty much find anything you're looking for. The biggest trick is making sure it looks right on you and doesn't turn you into a fashion victim.