Sunday, February 16, 2014

Self Lacing Technology is Coming

Apparently in the 1980s, our present seemed so far away they felt they could wildly speculate about what the future would hold. Now here we are in the Back to the Future II years and totally lacking in hover boards, flying cars and my trash an doesn't talk to me.

Probably a good thing on the talking trash can. 

Now with self lacing technology.
One thing that has been coveted by many all these years are Marty McFly's gym shoes from 2015. A
couple years ago Nike actually made that happen, and sold a 1,500 pairs they made to people with lots of money who were also gym shoe fanatics and Back to the Future fans. One disappointment was that the shoes didn't self lace and you actually had to do it yourself.

Now Nike announced they are fixing that and will have a self lacing shoe out by 2015. 

I have to wonder how long they've been sitting on his patent, hoping they can make it work. 

While I personally don't care about gym shoes all that much, I have to admit that's self lacing technology could be more than a little awesome. 

Sure, it could be because I'm really, really pregnant right now (twins) and gave up on anything with laces due to my inability to reach my feet without making lots of grunting noises, but I also have to think of the other, more practical applications. 

Seriously, these would be so much easier to
put on and off if they laced themselves. 
Think of the possibility of a self lacing knee-high boot. Suddenly you wouldn't need to include the 10 minutes of lacing into your getting ready time, and then sleep in them when you come home too drunk to figure out how to unlace your damn boots.  

Yes, I speak from experience on that one. 

Then you can also apply the self lacing technology to other things. Jackets, corsets, sleeves (I've owned some crazy clothes), really the possibilities are endless. Self lacing could not only be a great thing for gym shoes and complicated boots, but it could change fashion. 

Then again, we would also have to hope that our shoes don't have some kind of malfunction where they lace too tight or won't unlace and we're stuck in them for days. But I'll leave that to the scientists working on the idea in the first place. 

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