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A Totally Imperfect Pitch

For some reason I’m obsessed with peep toe booties, and yet, so picky about the way they look I didn’t own any. Finally I found a pair from Sophia & Lee that I did like.

Black, peep toe with a sling-back (so they don’t look too blocky), lacing and a subtle texture to the shoe. They would look amazing with a pair of cropped cigarette pants, and give a little oomph to a fun summer dress (assuming I ever own such a thing).

They were the first shoes I ordered after I gave birth to the twins and my feet were back to a normal size (although not my previous size). Then it turns out I didn’t leave the house for weeks on end because I had two newborns at home, so they basically sat in my room collecting dust. Then I went back to work.

I love these shoes, but they suck,
The first day I tried them on at work, I was so unstable I actually took them off and wore a different black shoe from my shoe drawer at the office. The heel didn’t look so high I couldn’t walk in it, but that was the problem I was having. But I cut myself a break. Twins did some really, really horrid things to my core muscles. Maybe I just wasn’t ready for that yet.

So I gave it a few weeks (and a bunch of yoga classes), and it was time to revisit the fabulous and perfect booties. Except a second wearing also felt off. After a stroll around the office I came to the conclusion that the problem isn’t me and my still lacking core strength, the problem is the shoe.

A five inch heel and basically no platform created an unwearably steep pitch to the shoe. So much so, than even when standing upright, it felt like I was bending my knees or leaning in some way. All of the weight was straight into the ball of my foot. It’s like I was in dance class again, but the heel was there to try and make me trip.

It was how I imagine Barbie feels all the time with her impossibly pitched feet.

Of course I wore them all day anyway, as if breaking them in will somehow change the construction of the shoe. It didn’t, but at least I can say I tried.


Anonymous said…
I went through a spell searching out the highest non-platform heels a while back, and while 5"-6" heels looked pretty good (and they made me well over 6 feet tall...) the actual wearing was borderline. Comfort was not much of a problem, but I always felt "tippy" as though I was always falling forwards a little. The pitch was so steep that I was basically only standing on the balls of my feet.

It took a while but I got used to it, then I embraced the platform. More comfort, and I didn't have to take tiny short steps to get anywhere...
Cat said…
I love a higher heel with a bit of a platform. They're more comfortable, and you're a little more stable.