Monday, August 2, 2010

Manolos, and other things I don't have for my wedding

Today in the states you can't turn on any show or open a website or a newspaper, or answer a phone call from my mom without hearing about Chelsea Clinton's New York wedding. The Vera Wang dress, unadorned veil, Hillary's dress (and how Mom thinks the tulips on the bottom made her look shorter) and buses of politicians and socialites.

Access Hollywood gave an overview of her whole outfit all the way down to Chelsea's shoes. They were supposedly Manolo platform peep toe, but I can't find a picture of them anywhere. But at 6:30 pm,  there is Billy Bush on TV waxing on about how unique they were.

Really Billy Bush? I have platform peep toes spilling out of my closet in droves, and I'm pretty sure Manolo Blahnik and every other designer in the world has been creating and selling them for years. This is hardly a new shoe style for weddings or otherwise. But now that Chelsea has worn them it's going to be all the rage.

Stupid Chelsea and her damn wedding. This girl spent more on toilets for her guests than my whole wedding is costing.

Actually I'm pretty sure she personally didn't spend anything on the wedding. Toilets or otherwise.

So her having Manolo's is no surprise, but it happened the same day I found out that the pink glitter platform peep toe from Pin Up Girl Clothing that I have been on the wait list for are no longer available. And I can't find the pink sequin Louboutin's I wanted. All the pink shoes  I liked are now missing, or uglier than I remember, and everywhere I look seems to think brides can only wear white shoes.

Bridal traditions be damned. I will find Material Girl pink shoes to match my bridesmaids. Although at this rate it may take me all the way up to the wedding. 

In the meantime I'll wait by the phone for Mom's phone call to get the full report on her shoes and other wedding details she thinks are interesting. And maybe I won't have designer shoes or a Vera Wang wedding dress, but at least my guests will have indoor plumbing.


VelvetJinxx said...

You'll be a foxy bride! I have a pair of pink peep toes I think by Chinese Laundry. Let me go check . . .

No, they are Sam & Libby adn more of a slingback :/

You'll find your shoe!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Material Girl Pink shoes under a wedding dress! Good luck finding your perfect pair.