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Tying one on

Yesterday I was picking my shoes out of the closet and realized I was wearing shoes with bows two days in a row. Not the same shoes, mind you. Two different pair of shoes, in different color schemes, with different types of bows, but still bows.

I was then that I looked around and realized just how many pairs or shoes I have with bows. Some have them on the front, Iron Fist has them on the back. One pair has a small bow above a leather tassle/fringe. Still another pair ties in big giant bows and remind me of tap shoes. Really tall, kind of club kid tap shoes...but the overall feel is there.

Then I realized that I was also stalking bow shoes. There's the Louboutin's on my Facebook page, and the mint green ones that Pin-Up Girl Clothing just started offering (I don't currently have mint green shoes). I even sent my sister a link to a pair of Betsey Johnson peep toes with a bow that I thought she would like.

I think I'm developing a sickness. I should really start focusing on leopard prints again. Or studs. Something. I think I need more diversity in my shoes. Then again, at least I know what I like. 

And by the way, today makes day three of only wearing shoes with bows.