Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Athletic heels?

I have a friend who apparently hates me. Sure, she acts like we're friends and all is well, but secretly she can't stand me and wants me to suffer.

Yep, I'm on to her.
I figured all this out when I had a Facebook message yesterday morning that only contained a link. I clicked on the link, seeing as how it was from a friend and all, and then I almost barfed on my keyboard. 

Staring back at me, burning on the screen, was photo after photo of the most hideous shoes I may have ever seen. Those stupid banana clogs on my WTF album are less hideous.

Women's Nike Heels
Apparently Nike has taken it upon themselves to take a reprive from making really hideous, overpriced athletic shoes, and started also making really hideous, overpriced, clown colored athletic heels. And they slapped the name "Jordan" on them, probably in the hope that the retired basketball player still has some market power.

Not if his shoes look like that.

Sure. You can be athletic and wear heels. I assume most people who wear heels probably also own athletic shoes. Even I do (although there's no photo evidence of this). But combining them has to be the stupidest idea ever. If I want to play basketball (which I don't) chances are I'm not going to wear heels. Even if they are made by Nike and are part Jordans.

Some things really should be left alone and not combined into Frankenstein shoes. On the other hand, if you're into sports, heels, clown shoes, and spending over $100 on them, maybe these are the perfect shoe.

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Glen Graham said...

Hi Cat great article as a man I love seeing women in heels, but can't stand these clown heels that have hit the market. I really hope no woman i know buys these horrible shoes:-(