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Designing pet-able shoes

I'm kind of obsessed with designer shoes. Not really because of the name, but because of the uniqueness of the shoes, and I guess kind of because of the name.

Really the whole issue about shoes, or clothes in general, center around the fact that I'm  snob. I like having things other people don't have and/or want. Yes, it's shallow, but I'm OK with that. I'm working on embracing my flaws, so let's roll with this. 

One of the ready made designs at Milk and Honey
I loathe the idea of people buying the same shoes as me and making them look dumb. That's the worst, when you see someone wearing something amazing and they made it look like shit because they have the fashion sense of a goat.

Instead I would rather people marvel at my ability to look like a total cartoon (in a good way) and be envious of me instead of trying to replicate, and ruin, a good look.

You'd think with all my self-centered-ness and hatred of people having the same things as me I'd sew, design clothes, or something, but as far as those things go I'm totally useless. I take shirts with missing buttons to the tailors instead of doing it myself. It's not because I'm lazy, but simply because I know my limitations and I'm willing to pay for something that someone else does better than I do. (I should really try this out in a case to get a cleaning lady).

Bringing this back to shoes, I wanted to share my newest lunchtime obsession; designing my own shoes on Milk and Honey.  No, I haven't bought anything yet, but that's because there are so many amazing combinations. Flats (if that's your thing), heels, sandals, loafers (with or without heels), peep toe, pointy, strappy, not. You can even choose heel height, platform presence and height, texture, pattern and color. Bow or no bow, studs or no, glitter, patent, pony hair (I love shoes you can pet), or vegan. They have it all available, and you can watch your creation take shape on the page in the form of a cartoon shoe.The best part; as far as designing your own one of a kind shoes that other people can't ruin with their barn animal level fashion sense goes, they're affordable.

Too bad I didn't see this in time to order a pair of pink glitter dream shoes for my wedding. I guess that just means I have to create and extra pair to make up for it, at least one of which I'll be able to pet.


dc said…
Oh my god, you can create your own shoes?!?! I am going to lose so much time on this site. I am always in search of my dream shoe that nobody seems to make.
DC SHOES said…
This is awesome my new friend. Great pics... and some great ideas. :)