Thursday, November 4, 2010

Search me

Sometimes the best thing about writing a blog is being able to look at the web analytics. It's kind of like spying on your readers.

I can tell what country traffic is coming from outside my native U.S. (love you South Africa), how long people spend reading (average 5 minutes), the most popular posts, and my personal favorite, the search terms that get me found.

These are the first shoes that show up. Gag. 
Sure, there are the regular ones like designer names, "high heels," "leopard print heels," and so on. This week brought me the new weird one though.

"Heels made of cat."

"Bullshit, that doesn't work," I'm thinking. Not to mention the wondering of why anyone would ever look for heels made from cats, or any kind of shoe for that matter. So I go to Google, and search, and sure enough, there it is. Right underneath some ugly wooden shoe with "CAT" in the style name, a story on cat surgery, and some defunct brand of shoes called "Cat's Paw Heels."

Luckily, the whole first page is all goofy stuff, including industrial pumps, more shoes, and stuff for the North Carolina Tar Heels (which I now know is some kind of sports team). Never are there actual heels made out of cats. And, for the record I have never discussed such a thing on the blog.

Well, until now. I imagine traffic is about to get really freaky now.

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susann akers said...

Hi loved your post. Leopard print heel is one of my key words actually. But since having joined the monderful world of shoes there is some very weird stuff out there. Nothing would surprise me. If you ever fancy stopping by .....get a coffee and may be share a thought or a comment - you are very welcome