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Princess heels and happily ever after

I have my life back.

Photo by Wasio Photography
For those of you who know me personally, read the blog regularly, or can read into my nervous breakdowns, I was recently planning a wedding. Actually it was my wedding. So now I'm married and am a Mrs., which really only makes me feel older. 

Aside from the new titles, there was also the wedding, which was a giant party, complete with beautiful shoes on me and all of my amazing bridesmaids. They all got to choose their own black shoes and all picked something different and beautiful.

I'm sure there are going to be plenty of pictures of everyone's shoes, but it was my last minute glitter find at Baker's that has already been captured on film (thanks to my amazing photographer).

Five inch heels made it so I didn't have to get my dress hemmed.  They also made my feet hurt by the end of a long, whirlwind day. Running around, walking, taking photos, dancing, and everything else that goes along with a wedding. All in 5 towering inches of multi-colored glitter fabulousness.

At the end of the night I kicked off those heels and sat down for the first time in hours. Now life is returning to normal, and normal means that I am going to have more money for shoes, because this wedding really crippled my shoe collection. I am looking forward to needing another shoe closet and spending money on crap I don't really need, duplicating styles. (Yes, four pair of black boots are necessary). After all, doesn't being married means you share your life with someone and live happily ever after? Lucky for me he realizes that my happily ever after also comes with heels.