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Drunks and lucky charms

On New Year's Eve I wore out my new Christmas present. Black, red and white leather peep toe platforms with a horseshoe cutout and a wide wooden heel by T.U.K.

To make them extra special they have a little horseshoe charms on the inside of the heel. A tiny, dangly little charm that no one sees.

Unless of course you get drunk and try to show the charm to everyone who says they like your shoes. Which is everyone. Because they're amazing.

Lucky horseshoes on my lucky shoes
So New Year's I boycotted the sequins that everyone else would have on and actually dressed pretty normally in a pair of black pants, black vest and red button down, with all the focus on my shoes.

The advantage of the chunky heel was added stability. The horseshoe cutout was a little uncomfortable at first, but then the shoes were broken in, or I drank more. I honestly don't remember which it was.

Unfortunately all the stability in the world couldn't help me later in the night when I was standing outside in a small alcove of the building, trying to stay out of the wind while my hubby hailed a cab. Suddenly a door that generally remains locked and no one uses pushed open. I hollered and pushed back, which apparently prompted the drunken ass on the other side of the door to push even harder and send me flying down two steps and sprawling onto the sidewalk all heels and leopard fur coat.

I yelled the only thing I could think.

"If my shoes are scratched I'll friggin' kill you!"

A friend helped me up as I drunkenly tried to focus on my shoes and inspect for scratches and the jackass who can unlock doors but can't read was tossed out of the bar.

Luckily the shoes weren't scratched and all the tiny charms were in place. And while my ankle was a little twisted, it took me until the next morning to realize it. And overall, it was a pretty small price to pay for keeping my new shoes new.

Pretty lucky, huh?


Very funny. I love your taste in shoes and I'm glad you didn't get hurt too badly.
Sergi Shoes said…
Sounds hilarious. Every new shoe takes you to different adventures. Very nice shoes. I primarily like the horseshoe open toe. Very creative.

Lucky Charm said…
Like your take on things, but love your taste in shoes
The Shoe Diva said…
So funny, protect the shoes at all costs! A girl after my own heart. I would have hated to see what would have happened to the jackass if you're hot new shoes were scratched. I'm glad you & the shoes are ok.