Thursday, January 13, 2011

Picking and packing

A few years ago I used to occasionally travel for business, and I'd be gone for a week or more at a time. Every day I was expected to wear a suit and look my best, then run my high-heeled butt off all over a hotel for 20 hours a day.

On one trip somewhere (I don't even remember where) I checked my bags and the baggage handler kindly informed me that one of my bags was 2 pounds over the over 50 pound limit. "Why don't you take a pair of shoes out of there and put it in your other bag?" he helpfully suggested.

"Because the other bag is all my shoes," I said, starting to stress.

He stifled a laugh, said "Never mind," and shuffled me through the line, allowing the additional two pounds.

Now I find myself again packing for a long trip (although this is an actual vacation) and I'm stressing again about shoes, outfits, and how many pounds my bag is going to weigh.

Do I bring a different shoe for each outfit, or pick a minimum number of shoes and then plan my outfits accordingly? Then I also need shoes to walk in, flip flops, shoes to work out in.... Oh, and did I mention that my husband and I are trying to fit everything in one bag?

Needless to say this has brought on some arguments over why I need red or purple shoes, and what's the point of bringing shoes that only go with one outfit. So I've hidden shoes among the clothes and toiletries, and I may get away with this.

That's assuming the baggage handler doesn't tell me the bag is too heavy and suggest I take out shoes.

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elizabeth said...

I have those tweed Steve Madden heels, bought them at TJ Maxx in college and still get compliments on them.

Nice blog!
xoxo, Elizabeth