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I'm afraid of Americans

Oh wait. I am American.

ASICS Men's GEL-Strike 2 Running Shoe,White/Navy/Gold,11 D USYou'll immediately know us in other countries because we're the one in awkwardly large gym shoes, usually white and fluorescent colored, and we pair them with shorts (any color) and a t-shirt emblazoned with the name of the last place we've been.

At least that was my experience on my amazing cruise through the Gulf of Mexico and western Carribbean. In Belize, you can spot the American because he's the one with the Washington DC shirt. And then there's the lady wearing the brand new shirt she bought in Costa Maya. It's orange. How subtle.

Yes, people dress obnxious, but it was the "logical" and "comfortable" footwear that never failed to appall me. You'd think flip flops or sandals would be OK for the beach, but apparently Crocs are the new tropical footwear. And please don't forget your socks with any of the afore mentioned shoes.

Shrimp in boots
No, I didn't wear heels while hiking through the rain forest jungles of Honduras, in fact I didn't wear heels a lot due to the large amount of walking we did at ports. There's a shoe for every occasion and every function, (including that awful hiking heel) and I understand that you can't bring a million pair of shoes on vacation, but maybe we can pick one that's not edged in neon green, makes your feet look bigger than they really are, and inadvertently advertises your country of origin.

When traveling abroad be sure to bring footwear that's functional and not embarrassing. You are representing your country. And in South America even the crustaceans try to get in on fashionable footwear.


Anonymous said…
I wear an actually not horrible looking (but not great looking either) pair of Crocs most of the time. They are water proof and incredibly comfortable. Excellent on the beach (or in the desert where I live).

Before I purchased them, I experience severe foot pain all the time (which some would attribute to being overweight, but I am actually UNDERWEIGHT). I wear them because since I bought them, I haven't had foot pain. That was almost a year ago. The only time my feet hurt now is when I wear my more fashionable stuff.

But again, I'd rather have *no* foot pain 98% of the time than care about what people think of me.
Anonymous said…
If you wish to chat more, feel free and visit me from time to time @ speaking on behalf of the earth.

Thanks, doll! :)