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A drawer full of shoes

There have been some changes lately, and I'm getting ready to change jobs. Along with the joy and fear this brings, there's also the tedious task of going through all the crap that has accumulated in my office over the last few years and taking it home, throwing it out and packing it in boxes. So it's kind of like a treasure hunt of paper and bullshit.

Stupid boots and stupid tote bags
Like every good big city professional who braves public transportation (or at least one who cares about their shoes), I do not wear my nice shoes into the office on rainy or snowy days. Instead I wear something logical and hideous, and then run to my office before anyone sees me so I can slide on my heels and transform into a professional woman, as opposed to one of those creepy nylon and gym shoe wearing speed walkers.

This means that over time I started to develop a shoe collection at the office. The bottom drawer of a file cabinet was devoted to shoes. Sometimes they'd be rotated out, but mostly they'd be forgotten and replaced, and then found again. A few weeks ago I purged this drawer (noted on Twitter), so you can imagine my surprise when this week I was pulling out a collection of promotional tote bags from conferences and running stores,  sifting through expired Chipotle coupons, business cards, old newsletters, a rogue press release, when suddenly I unearthed a pair of super cute, black faux suede ankle boots that I had completely forgotten I owned.

Oh happy day! It was like Christmas. I was so glad that I bought some goofy color boots from Steve Madden earlier that day instead of logical, black ankle boots. Excited, I kicked off the stupid boots I had on (yes, they were fine a few hours earlier) and slid my newly discovered boots on and bolted out of my office to tell my friend about this great find.

Then I heard it. A small squeak, and felt the heel wobble under me. And it all came flooding back.

I left these stupid shoes here the day I had the 5K charity race after work, and I left them because one heel was on it's way to busted and they were squeaky and pissing me off.

Guess that Steve Madden purchase could have been more logical after all.