Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The long winter

I am so over winter.

Most of the country is covered in snow, and I'm in Chicago where day after day we get to keep digging ourselves out. Each day there's more damn snow, which brings salt, slush, dirt, small frozen mammals, and God only knows what else. All of which tries is damnedest to get on your clothes, shoes, gloves, hat, scarf, face...whatever. Whatever it can ruin and makes your day difficult.

I swear, snow in Chicago starts to have a mind of its own. And it's a vengeful bitch.

The snow also makes my life difficult because footwear options are pretty limited. Heels and snow are not the best idea, and considering ice resides under most of the snow, it can be hazardous to your health. I've taken more than my share of falls because of ridiculous footwear. Peep toes allow for frostbite, and those shoes won't be quite as cute next year when you're missing toes. Satin and suede are automatically ruined when they go near snow, it's death to glitter, smudges your patents, and salts up the leathers.

After that, I'm almost out of shoes to wear unless they're snow boots or my super '90s Doc Martens, and neither of those are really a look I wear well, and certainly cannot wear to the office or bars, or social occasions.

These are just a couple of the lonely shoes waiting for spring.
There is always the option of changing your shoes once you get to the final destination, but that's really inconvenient for pretty much every place in the whole city (except the office where I stockpile heels in a file drawer).

So my plea to Chicago; Please wrap up this crap weather. I'm done with it.  So done. I'm done with the slush and salt and fabric ruining days and nights of black ice death. I'm done wearing the same couple pairs of shoes that I'm willing to sacrifice to the gods of winter so I don't ruin others. Done carrying around shoes in my bag for work, and done always having to wear a coat.

Pretty soon I'm just going to start drinking before I go out so I care less when my shoes are ruined.

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