Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday shoes

It’s my birthday this month. Actually, it’s this week, in the next couple days. You can guess which one.

I totally haven't worn these except to take this picture. 
In hearing that news you’re probably already more excited about it than I am. Not because I’m all bah humbug about being a year older. I don’t actually care about being a year older. Armed with wrinkle creams, cases of makeup, yoga, hair dye, and a great hair stylist I’m not really afraid of age. (And when the time comes I won’t be afraid of Botox either).

I just never really get excited about birthdays. I stopped having birthday parties sometime in high school and never looked back. I don’t take the day off, or declare a whole week or month for myself when I expect to be treated special or given nice things simply because I managed to be born (which really wasn’t up to me) and not get myself killed up to this point.

But the day cannot go totally unrecognized, so the one thing I do every year for myself; shop.

Shocking, right?

I wore these once. They're festive. 
I think in years past I’ve bought shoes, but this year I am determined to buy clothes. Mostly because I need some of the new fall fashions and have two pairs of shoes in the closet I haven’t worn yet. Though the chances are still good that I’ll end up buying shoes in addition to whatever else I find.

My birthday also means I have to wear a cool pair of “birthday shoes.” They don’t necessarily need to be new, but I do like to dress up, and what better excuse than that. In discussing which shoes should be birthday shoes, a co-worker came up with the amazingly brilliant idea bringing a few different pairs of shoes and changing them every couple of hours.

Sounds like I need to find a suitcase to bring to work.

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Snake skin shoes look awesome! Thank you for responding to my lipstick shoes poll @ IFB. I am your new follower. Would be great if you follow me too:-)
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