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Office tested and Cat approved

I have a tendecy to become obsessed with the idea of something and then not resting until I get it. Then I find out it's not nearly as fantastic and amazing as I had hoped and it gets totally shelved.

Gray patent leather shoes, red pants, curduroy anything, that gold and black skirt that doesn't actually look good with my gold boots, various earrings and necklaces, and pretty much any dress I've ever bought fall into this category.

Why would cork shoes be any different?

I have blogged about my fascination since first seeing them at Stewart Weitzamn. Then I loved the height of Sam Edelman. I even posted them in the "Shoes I dream about" album on Facebook.

It's just as wonderful as I hoped. 
Thanks to DNA Footwear they're down now, and a photo of the real thing is moving over to the "My Shoes" album. And thanks to the fact that they really are as fabulous as I hoped, they're something I'll actually wear on a semi-regular basis.

Cork can act as neutral, which is really how I planned on wearing them. At least that's what I'm telling myself. I've also played dress up with them and decided they're bad with tan pants, good with skirts, and good with dark colors. They are also perfect for a variety of things I don't own, such as navy pants or skirt, a striped skirt I saw somewhere this summer and didn't buy and they probably also look nice with green, as well as a varety of patterns that my closet also lacks.

I really should start to focus more on clothes and less on shoes for a little while.

The other upside to these versatile shoes that go better in someone else's wardrobe; they're insanely comfortable.

Seriously. That sounds dumb but they are. They're also easy to walk in.

I wore them to work to test them out, which sounds easy because I sit at a desk, but my office is actually a rather perilious place to test stilletos.

First, it's a high rise, and I'm on the top floor. So there's an ear-popping elevator ride at 100 mph in heels, and then the walk up (and inevitably down) a set of slick marble stairs (because elevators stop one floor shy of the top floor), and carpet which is inexplicably lumpy and catches even people in flats, and tile, which is textured because apparently the office's designer and architect was male, and possibly an idiot.

The first day I wore them the whole day was wildly uneventful with the exception of the fact that I was unhappy with my choice of pants. The second day was a marathon of stairs, elevator rides, phone calls, yelling and running around. In heels, in a skirt.

I could have died. Instead I did just fine and didn't have any foot pain, tripping, sliding, falling or other shoe-related catastrophe. The only thing about them tht slowed me down was saying "thank you" to the compliments thrown my way by people as I passed them in the hall balancing stacks of papers and answering emails on my phone.

So they still have to go through the real world test, but if they can survive a day like that at the office without becoming a problem, they can definitly get me through dinner and a night on the town.


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Cute shoes *

Lady Fashion, OUI?
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