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Glam Documentaries, Heels and God

I’m fascinated with women’s interactions and relationships with their shoes. Some love them, hate them, wear heels for power, prestige, comfort, height or fashion.

Jennifer Lane, Tina Weller, Julie Benasra and Maria Smithsburg in front Thierry Daher
Photo by Maureen Schulman

All this and more was delved into in the heel-centric documentary, God Save My Shoes, written and directed by Julie Benasra. The Service Club of Chicago organized a fundraiser, and excuse to get dressed up and wear your best shoes, by premiering the film downtown, complete with a red carpet after party, and Ms. Benasra and producer Thierry Daher (in an amazing pair of custom shoes) in attendance.

The film looks at heels and women’s relationships with their heels from the point of view of designers, historians, fetish experts, celebrities, and a couple people that may be celebrities but I had never heard of. Overall it was fabulous, informative, and interesting. I loved seeingChristian Louboutin bounce around his studio, grabbing shoes and animatedly describing each one; hearing Manolo Blahnik talk about shoes and why he designs the way he does, or hearing Dita Von Teese explain the more sexual nature of shoes, having a New York drag queen show how a great pair of heels can change your profile, and seeing women crazier than I am with closets of designer shoes they have never worn.
Thierry's custom shoes and a classic pump.

I've worn all my heels at least once, no matter how uncomfortable. 

The ladies of the Service Club of Chicago hosted this classy event in their cocktail best, and some amazing heels, which put my fabulous new satin and metal floral off-the-rack heels to shame (although they did get tons of compliments). I have great shoes, but very few of them can get into a name contest with the likes of Prada, Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and Ferragamo.

The evening was sponsored by Michigan Avenue Magazine, the after party was hosted at the Hotel Palomar, and included champagne from Charlie Trotters, a Xante bar, and bite-sized desserts including mini whoopie pies, mini cupcakes, and chocolate covered cheesecake bites from Eli’s

A good movie, good shoes, and a great event. I wish more documentaries were as glam as God Save My Shoes


GlamB0t said…
I have to see this documentary! Great post.

What a great party. Thank you for sharing. I am swooning over the yellow peep toe pumps that Julie is wearing in the first pic. Lovely!