Monday, April 30, 2012

Hunting Navy for Cork

I have a pair of cork heels that have made me become obsessed with navy blue pants. Not any specific pair of navy blue pants, more like the idea of navy blue pants. Mostly because I didn't own any and I decided they are the perfect pant to go with my cork Sam Edelman Novato heels. 

Most of the pants I own for work are black or some kind of beige or tweed (in shades of black), so I was really struggling with these damn cork shoes, which I obsessed over for months, and finally got from DNA Footwear (thanks again guys). I wore them once or twice, loved them because they’re comfortable and fabulous, and then didn’t wear them again. 

My reasoning was because I didn’t have navy pants, which would obviously go with these better than black or beige. 

This weekend I finally fixed that problem. I went strolling into Banana Republic, intent on buying a dress for my nephew’s baptism (which I didn’t), tried on a million things, was totally ignored by both sales associates who were instead fawning over this woman who was buying new clothes for her vacation, and finally got annoyed enough to be really, really shitty. 

After telling the sales girl that yes, I do in fact need a dressing room before my arm breaks under the weight of the dresses on my arm, I’m also looking for white pants where you can’t see the pocket lines when you have them on (why is that so hard?) and a pair of navy blue pants that are not jeans (seriously?). This woman tells me that they have indigo pants (totally not what I asked for), none of the white pants are lined (why God?), oh, and there are these navy pants, but they’re a cigarette pant and petite. 

Oh, so you mean it’s exactly what my short self has been looking for to match these giant towering cork heels for months! 

Good thing they fit, because the second I disappeared into that dressing room she never spoke to me again. 

Unfortunately none of the dresses fit because apparently your bust is supposed to be only marginally larger than your waist, which is the same as your hips and I’m just not built that way.  So it was just the navy pants for me. And a matching striped top. And a pencil skirt…and some new earrings. I almost bought a purse too, but I was afraid those horrible people were working on commission. 

And it was all for the cork shoes. Now I just need to find a second pair of pants to wear these with. 


DiamondsandTulle said...

I have these same shoes and they seriously go with everything and anything in the Spring and Summer! Love them!

Cat said...

They really do. They're a great shoe to default to when you don't really know which shoe to wear.