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‘God Save My Shoes’ Creating Shoe Stress

I blog about shoes. A lot. My own shoes, other people’s shoes, shoe style, fashion, and make fun of it all too. That means wherever I go (assuming people know who I am) they are looking at my shoes. And judging them.

Generally that’s totally fine with me, because I don’t really have bad shoes. And if someone thinks my shoes are bad…well…they’re just wrong.

Now the pressure is on though, because on April 17 my heels and I have a chance to attend the Chicago premier of “God Save My Shoes,” a documentary about women and their relationships with their heels.

I’ve never met the filmmaker, Julie Benasra, but I’m pretty sure she and I would hit it off.  

Lipstick and heels. Kind of what my house looks like. 
God Save My Shoes” features interviews with designers, including Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin, and celebrities such as Dita Von Teese (loves Louboutin), KellyRowland (names her shoes) and Fergie (has her own footwear line).

Women love their heels in a way that blue jeans, cardigan sweaters and pony-tail holders will never know.

Shoes can change a life.

Tickets for the premier and red carpet after party are $75 and are going fast. Proceeds from the event benefit the Service Club of Chicago. And you know everyone will be in good shoes.

At least I now know how I’m spending my weekend; trying on outfits and shoes, looking for something that’s fabulous and eye catching, without being too over the top (by my standards). I’m sure I won’t be the only one there taking pictures, and if I end up on film, I’d like to look good. Feel free to send me suggestions because I’m already panicking.

Or maybe I should just skip my closet and go straight to the shops. Because you know that if nothing else, everyone will be looking at my shoes.