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Metallic Shoes as Neutrals

Sparkles always become a big thing around the holidays, but this fall metallics have been seeping into heels for everyday wear.

Giuseppe Zanotti perfection
I love metallic heels, and think that gold or silver can easily be worn as an everyday shoe. Treat them as  neutrals, only with a little more pizazz.

Silver heels can be incorporated into anything with a gray base very easily. After all, silver is just gray with some shine. You can also cap off a great pair of white pants or a dress with silver shoes, or put them with anything black to dress it up a little.

Gold can also be paired with black, and you can tie it all together with some amazing accessories. It can also tie together a brown/black combo if you don't have a tortoiseshell option, or are simply looking for something different.

Of course either of these choices are seamlessly paired with flashy holiday sweaters that have gold or silver threaded through them or have metallic accents.
All my metallic shoes. I think. 

If you're tired of gold or silver and want your metallic a little more colorful there are colored metallic options. If you like your blues or reds a little more shiny, then there are metallic colors available in what's essentially lame.

It's classier than it sounds. I promise.

If you're not into all the shine of a metallic shoe, then get one with just a touch of shine. There are some amazing cap toe heels available with gold or silver toes, and some island platforms have just metallic platforms. I have a great pair of black heels with a gold platform from Fergie Footwear that are absolutely fantastic and dress up just about anything.

If you're still obsessed with metallic shoes, but can't seem to find the right outfit, then just default to a pair of jeans. Boot cut or skinny, it's all up to you. Take your pick and step out with a little bit of shiny.